Simple explanation for UFO sightings?

Highland News, UK/April 15, 2010

The Fortean Times' UFO "investigators" have reviewed the case of the "mystery orange fireball" which was spotted in the nightsky above Inverness and Nairn four times in the last month by Rob Jackson.

It claims the fireball mystery, which was first seen on Valentine's Day and reported in the HN on February 27, was in fact a Bolide meteor.

These are, apparently, "comparatively rare, but visually stunning and often generate UFO reports".

Andy Roberts and Dr David Clarke, who write the monthly UFO feature in the magazine, claim similar sightings were reported on February 14 in other areas of Scotland as well as Manchester, Nottingham and Northhamtonshire, which would therefore "indicate the direction the bolide was travelling."

And the UFO "investigators" add: "A trawl through ufology's back pages reveals numerous instances of bolides being completely misperceived as 'real' UFOs, and a wide selection of film footage of the amazing phenomena can be seen on Youtube."

Mr Jackson claims to have seen the mystery object on four different occasions.

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