Official on Campaign Against Falun Gong

CNN News, Xinhua Agency, April 19, 2000
By Joel P. Engardio

The official also said that despite their claims of truthfulness, benevolence and tolerance, Li and his Falun Gong cult have always been noted for their defiance of Chinese law.

Li, through brainwashing and spiritual control, has manipulated a small number of Falun Gong practitioners who cling to his lies and say they are motivated by his preaching.

In addition, Li and the core members of Falun Gong also claimed that Falun Gong practitioners must follow the so-called Falun Dafa, and that man-made laws have no bearing on their actions, the official noted.

After being brainwashed, the ordinary Falun Gong practitioners were ordered to challenge the country's laws, while Li's core followers preferred to stay behind to pull their strings.

In the interview, the official stressed that some Falun Gong practitioners now residing abroad had come to China and shown their disdain for the country's laws.

"Foreigners in China must abide by the country's law. Otherwise, they will be punished," the official said.

The official also refuted Li Hongzhi's false preaching, such as his theories that "the earth will inevitably explode," "mankind will eventually be exterminated," and "seriously ill people should not take medicine."


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