Fierce custody battle looms in Kidman-Cruise divorce

The Guardian/June 19, 2001

Reports from Hollywood indicate that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are about to launch into a fierce battle over the custody of their two children.

Kidman allegedly wants to move back to her native Australia and is determined to raise their children there. Cruise, however, is based in Los Angeles - a 12 hour flight away.

Since their split in February they have been sharing custody of their adopted children Isabella, eight, and Connor, six.

In an interview with an Australian magazine Kidman said she was "willing to give up everything to keep the children", adding: "I want to have two kids who grow up and say, 'I'm happy, I'm healthy, and I love you, Mum'."

It is thought Kidman is also likely to object to the children's religious upbringing, fearing they will be raised in Cruise's belief, the Church of Scientology. Friends say that Kidman wants them brought up as Catholics. Cruise had filed for divorce in February, two days after the couple announced their separation. Shortly afterwards, Kidman suffered a miscarriage and insisted that the baby was Tom's.

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