Nic Cage and the Scientology Life?

MSNBC/August 13, 2002
By Jeanette Walls

Is Nicolas Cage getting into Scientology? Now that the moody "Honeymoon in Vegas" star has married devout Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley, sources believe that Cage is becoming involved in the controversial religion.

"I strongly suspect that Nicolas Cage is either now taking some Scientology courses or planning to do so in the future," cult and alternative religion expert Rick Ross tells The Scoop.

"It is very unlikely that any prominent celebrity who is a Scientologist would marry someone who is not involved with Scientology in some way, shape or form. That's not their history and someone as prominent and important to Scientology as Lisa Marie Presley has been would be an unlikely exception."

Cage's spokeswoman didn't return calls for comment.

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