'Cult pastor's resurrection talk triggers nightmare for businessman

Car mart owner branded as look-a-like, gets death threats

Loop News/October 30, 2021

When Homer Gayle, heard that, Kevin Smith, the controversial pastor for the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in St James, died in a car crash last Monday, he was quick to admit that he was not one of the many individuals following up on the case.

"It was not a matter that I was interested in," said Gayle, who argued that he viewed it as just another one of the mysterious cases unfolding in the island of Jamaica.

Gayle said all of that would change on Thursday, a little over three days after the pastor died and that was when people started spilling superstitious arguments that the pastor would resurrect on the third day after his death.

And then out of the blue, someone saw Gayle, the businessman from St Catherine, and said you know you really look like the pastor.

That was when things turned into a hellish nightmare for Gayle a businessman from St Catherine.

"I learned about this pastor Kevin Smith on Tuesday, I mean I didn't take it for anything at first," said Gayle.

He said that the pastor died on Monday but based on what was happening people were saying the pastor would resurrect in three days which was Thursday.

Gayle said when Thursday came, "all hell pop loose".

"All of a sudden I started to get phone calls from people, I even start getting death threats from people saying I was the pastor," said a distraught Gayle in an interview with Loop News.

The situation even reached the point where Gayle has considered getting security to travel around but said he has not yet acted on the thought.

"I just want to say to people out there I am not Kevin Smith," said Gayle.


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