Doomsday leader Rocco Leo 'in Fiji resort' alleges victim

Adelaide Now, Australia/September 29, 2010

By Ken McGregor

Fugitive cult leader Rocco leo is living in a five-star resort in Fiji, according to the man he allegedly assaulted weeks before police raided the Agape headquarters.

Philip Arbon today told AdelaideNow that in April he had been taking photos - which he intended to hand to authorities - of Leo when the cult leader allegedly assaulted him.

Leo, 54, has been charged with assault over the incident at Adelaide Airport which was broken up by Australian Federal Police officers.

Outside the Holden Hill Magistrates Court today, Mr Arbon said he believed Leo was enjoying a life of luxury.

"I do not think he (Leo) will come back willingly, he has got the money. He is probably in a five-star resort...," he said.

"There are others who are still under the belief he is their saviour from this supposed Armageddon".

Leo is being sued in the District Court by Silvia Melchiorre and Martin Penney, who claim they were duped into handing over $1.2 million and $420,000 respectively.

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Court documents also show the ministries, which enjoyed tax free status for many years, had amassed millions of dollars worth of assets.

Mr Arbon today said Leo's alleged strongman, John Amoles, who has also not been seen for several months, had probably joined him in Fiji.

Mr Arbon said his estranged wife and daughter had not broken free from the so-called cult.

"My wife and children are still caught up," he said.

"They have been affected by the brainwashing and mind control, hopefully in time they will see it."

Casey Isaacs, for Leo, today asked the court to adjourn Leo's assault charge to allow him time to consult with his client.

Lydia Anchovy agreed and ordered Leo to appear in court in November.

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