Unusual lead story

Isle of Man Today/September 6, 2010

By Richard Butt

We have an unusual lead story in the Examiner this week.

It's about a religious sect. We steer clear of the word 'cult' which can be problematic and might not be accurate, although it's the word its detractors use.

The group has applied for planning permission to build a barn for storage, workshops and living accommodation on land near Ramsey.

The sect is called 'The Team' and many former members don't like it. They're taking part in an internet campaign against it. The Bishop has also been made aware of the situation.

Of course, we wanted the leader, a Klaus Pesch, to talk about it. He and the other two directors declined, citing something about prejudicing the planning application. Their choice.

We do plenty of stories about planning applications before anything is built or, if it's eventually lost, not built. There's never a question of a report in a newspaper prejudicing such an application.

Reporter Adrian Darbyshire did a lot of digging on this. It's a good splash.

Inside the paper we have the full story about a Manxman who was refused entry into an EU country because of his passport. Officials in Romania didn't like his Manx passport.

I suppose that is the sort of thing that could affect any of us.

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