Abusive Controlling Relationships




A new podcast examines the perils of intense meditation

Extremists and cult leader sentenced in case of 3 year old boy who was buried to be brought back as Jesus

Herbalife Amway and Mary Kay How multi level marketing pyramid schemes are bankrupting America

More young people being radicalised online says UK counter terror officer

Zimbabwe police rescue 251 children used as labor and find graves in religious sect compound raid

Why Americans keep getting roped into multilevel marketing schemes

TINA org Investigation Finds Pervasive Deceptive Earnings Claims in MLM Industry

Its very explicit awful the worst things that you could possibly imagine Every time I close my eyes thats what I can see

Self help guru Jay Shetty who officiated Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez wedding lied about past plagiarized social media posts report

Court documents allege cult like teachings from Wichita Falls pastor

Alleged German cult leader goes on trial for rape torture


People do change their beliefs about conspiracy theories but not often

Online conspiracy theories are creating a new age of unproven medical treatments

Double life I visited Edinburgh and ended up in a cult for 20 years my mum screamed Id been kidnapped

The seedy underbelly of the life coaching industry

Miracle cures Online conspiracy theories are creating a new age of unproven medical treatments

Online safety rules have blind spot to radicalisation of children terror watchdog warns

I should be in prison or dead Cameron Black on his journey from cult to campus

They can keep you talking Shopper warns MLMs are recruiting you in store Heres what to watch out for

Crystal Hefner on complex husband Hugh Hefner the Playboy Mansion cult and new tell all book

Breaking bonds How conspiracy theories strain family ties

Leaving The Real World How I Escaped Andrew Tates Get Rich Quick Cult

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Double suicide puts Thailands secretive Johrei sect in the spotlight

I was born into a cult... priests banned us from getting a haircut or going to the cinema they even controlled how we SAT

I was warped by celebrity yoga cult loved by Kate Hudson Demi Moore & Alicia Keys…I was made a slave by abusive master

Inside the cult top model joined after visiting Jeffrey Epsteins pedo island Ruslana Korshunova was lured into Moscows Rose of the World that humiliates members and tells rape victims it was their fault

Ideological obsession Unraveling the psychological roots of radicalization

Cult leaders that promised to cure homosexuality through forced sex busted in Spain

What Are Conspiracy Theories

They would work on the ego there was meditation work

Inside horrifying world of the Nullo castration cult whose followers use amateur cutters or even vets to remove their private parts inspired by Japanese artist who sold his penis and testicles to eat for £800 Mao Sugiyama who had his penis and testicles removed by a physician

The French region home to hippy communes ranging from conspiracy theorists to doomsday cults Ariege where Alex Batty has spent the last two years is infamous for its alternative lifestyle groups including one led by convicted paedophile

Alex Batty speaks to grandmother for first time in YEARS after being brainwashed living in a cult

Sicko cult that practices Vikingism accused of raping captive offering puppy sacrifice to the Gods

Rules of the Australian cult Anglican Catholic Mission Community

End of days Inside the sect whose misplaced hatred killed three Queenslanders

Romanian guru suspected of running international sex sect handed preliminary charges with 14 others

Cult leader arrested for allegedly trying to control followers with homemade mercury laced elixirs

Female sect leader 76 is jailed for life for murdering four year old boy she said was the reincarnation of Hitler Victim choked to death on his vomit while tied up in a sack

Evil head of Aleister Crowley inspired Satanic paedophile cult who preyed on young children for more than a decade could be freed in New Year parole hearing

Tim Ballard faces new allegations involving Latter day Saint leader Utah A G Sean Reyes

Woman shares horror working inside Las Vegas sex club cult at nudist yoga temple

New podcast on cults dives into Dwell Columbus church formerly known as Xenos

Radicalization messages targeting teens online is on the rise

Columbus Dwell church featured on cult podcast

Ex Members of This Maoist Clique Say It Was a Cult

What if they're not crazy Belief in conspiracy theories may be normal

MS 13 Part cult part street gang 100% homicidal killers

Police arrest 7th suspect after woman reportedly beaten starved to death by religious group

Female cult member who lured college students into the woods by pretending to be a stranded driver before killing one in gunfight pleads guilty to murder

FBI interviewed individuals who accuse Amy Coney Barrett faith group of abuse

Inside one mans extraordinary exit from a Buddhist group accused of operating like a cult

Unsurprisingly Amy Coney Barretts Weird Church Faces Allegations of Abuse

An inside look at the Satanic neo Nazi pedophile cult that ensnared NYC man arrested on gun charges

Women in Irish cult encouraged to take part in sexual healing sessions with master

Fake moon landings and the Loch Ness monster What makes conspiracy theories stick

How rumors and conspiracy theories got in the way of Mauis fire recovery

Senators seek probe into alleged cult targeting minors in Surigao

House of Horrors New details in case where woman was starved beaten and put in trunk

Narcissists are far more likely to buy into conspiracy theories research finds

Andrew Tates The Real World App Banned by Google Amid Claims Its a Pyramid Scheme

Co Founder Of Multibillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Scheme OneCoin Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Woman who grew up in Islamic cult in Arizona lifts lid on harrowing abuse she endured in sick sect revealing how leaders broke young women with physical punishments to prove their bodies didnt belong to them

My Childhood in a Cult Growing Up in a Controversial Baltimore Religious Community

Social media, extremism, and radicalization

Conspiracy Theories Are Fueled By The Need For Chaos Study Finds

Court docs detail sexual abuse allegedly committed by Tonasket cult member against 7 year old daughter

This Psychologist Wants To Vaccinate You Against Fake News

The 4 Stages of Conspiracy Theory Escalation on Social Media

Aussie school blocks religious group that claims to free children from autism-causing demons

Personality Traits and Conspiracy Theories

Cold case murder accused Ellen Craig (centre) was arrested in New Zealand and extradited to NSW.

Trumps rise in power resulted from Americas racial divide not cult leadership study says

Mega swoop on polygamous sect known as Kingdom of Pineal

Judge dismisses defamation lawsuit filed by Minnetonka food truck owner over cult accusations

Real life Barbie is accused of running a sect and POISONING her millions of followers by urging them to drink turpentine and breathe over mercury to rid their bodies of parasites

St Louis Based Crossroads Is Under Fire From Past Participants

Explaining how human brains are predisposed to believe conspiracy theories and political lies

Shamanic cult leaders arrested for sexual abuse of members

Toxic Dirt Grifter Is Back Pushing Another Miracle Cure

People Prone to Anger Are More Likely to Believe Conspiracy Theories New Research Suggests

Czech police probe cultrelated deaths in forest near Cesky Sternberk castle

How a miracle-obsessed megachurch conquered a California city

The strange tale of Elspeth Buchan the 18th century cult leader who convinced her followers she would never die

People who endorse conspiracy theories are more anxious and less tolerant of ambiguity, study finds

DONT TOUCH THIS Inside NoFap cult that claims masturbation causes erectile dysfunction & urges followers to abstain from watching porn

Inside NoFap cult that claims masturbation causes erectile dysfunction & urges followers to abstain from watching porn

In Perus Amazon evangelical cult awaits Inca second coming

SA watchdog warns against Chinese scheme that uses glitzy events to target locals

Operator of functional coffee MLM hit with permanent injunction 7.3 million fine

Murderous cults Brooklyn house of evil where children were kept in cages burns down

American Psycho writer reveals childhood in notorious Lyman Family doomsday cult

Multibillion dollar fitness company faces allegations of exploiting exercise coaches

Religious cult refuses to get lawyer over schoolgirls death

Cult mum who allegedly beat toddler daughter to death pleads not guilty to murder

Influencers Are Claiming a 4000 Hunk of Plastic Can Treat Infertility Skinned Knees and Autism

Thai cops arrest Chinese cult leader for claiming divine communication

TWISTED MINDS Inside sickening orgasm cult where kids as young as 10 were forced into vile sex games and fed LSD by warped leader

Is there a cult operating in Long Beach Survivors claim sexual abuse broken families and coerced divorces

Former cult member who lost 130k had to choose between membership and family

Disordered personality traits appear to play a bigger role in conspiracy thinking than ideology

Weberites Jacob Weber cult leader murde Lexington County South Carolina

Wading into Brexit jokes about attractive female successor and accepting 1million to endorse a womenbranding sex cult The Dalai Lamas biggest controversies after THAT disturbing tongue suck video

Inside the life coaching cult that takes over lives

Most methods for squashing conspiracy theories dont work study finds Heres what does

The aspiring cult leaders missing art and the nephew obsessed with his legacy

Baby Garden cult drops injunction request against Netflix

A mysterious sect that came and swiftly left

Emily Watson discusses growing up in cruel cult

Theres a Psychological Vaccine against Misinformation

After Synnara Records ties to a criminal cult get wider exposure consumers call for a boycott

What YouTube hustle gurus are really selling you

Hundreds of Ugandan sect members flee to Ethiopia fearing doomsday

The Mysterious Sisterhood Tearing Families Apart

In the Name of God A Holy Betrayal Kim KiSoons Baby Garden Cult Mistreatment and Death of a Young Boy

Cannibalistic cult of 40 incestuous family members lived in a cave and ate passersby

Insiders called it a cult To others it was a family until it turned on itself

Kiwi mum who allegedly killed toddler in cult seriously assaulted

The Anthropologist Who Became a Shaman Cult Leader

Horrifying cult led by 'centuries-old angel' with sick sex abuse at its heart

The launch of a 19th Century sex cult in upstate New York

Dances With Wolves star Nathan Chasing Horse left victims across US Report

An independent commission concluded that dozens of women were violated by Vanier and his mentor under exploitative spiritual disciplines.

Dances With Wolves actor Nathan Chasing Horse arrested for sex abuse accused of running cult

Indian guru Asaram given life sentence in second rape case

We Knew Behind the Dances With Wolves Stars Sickening Sex Cult Arrest

Dances With Wolves Actor Turned Alleged Cult Leader Arrested During Raid of His Nevada Home in Sex Abuse Probe

Boys are often targeted and radicalised online

This 'Cryptoqueen' scammed investors out of $4 billion, the FBI says. Then she boarded a plane and disappeared

9 Famous Pyramid Scheme Companies in US History

Gloria Trevi Sex Cult Claims Revived in New Lawsuit

Serafina Tane grew up in the Camp David religious cult. This is what it felt like to leave

Why the US Is Primed for Radicalization

Perceived loss of control may lead to an increase in conspiracy theories, study finds

Sex cult leader Nicole Daedone makes shock return with orgasm demo at Xrated event despite FBI probe & damning doc

Jury finds 2 defendants guilty of participating in nationwide foreclosure rescue scam

Pearl parties The multi-level marketing scam that just wont die

China Bans Korean Heresy Berea Church

Turkish cult leader Oktar’s villa up for sale for $3M

Istanbul court sentences TV preacher to 8,658 years in prison

A cult thrived along a Florida river. Did their settlement survive Hurricane Ian?

The true story behind the orgasm cult on Netflixs new crime documentary

I was an unhappy teenager among lonely people in thrall to a charismatic leader had I joined a cult

Special investigation Inside the cult like doomsday church

Faith healer parents of Elizabeth Struhs to face trial for her alleged murder

5 captives brainwashed by transwoman’s cult, 15 more victims file complaints

The 6 common signs of a sociopath They can be harder to spot than a psychopath says psychotherapist

Sect sets up home at Ihumātao stonefields

Predicted ‘doomsday’ flops, sect followers trickling home

Having survived his father's Haredi cult, Aviad Ambash looks to the future

This Mystic Told Families He’d Cure Their Trauma. Instead, He Raped Their Sons.

Judge indicts 19 in yoga sect that used sex to lure powerful

8 Warning Signs of a Pyramid Scheme

British woman who spent 15 years working for a US multi-level marketing company says she earned just £1.17-an-hour - as she warns others against being lured in by promises of profits and flash rewards

Followers of Charismatic New Age Influencer Accused of Two Different Murders in Alabama

Thousands Are Holed Up in a Politician’s Farm, Waiting for the End of the World

Majority of posts on extremist online forums made by hyper-poster cliques, study shows

Bad Rooster Responds: It’s because of our success

Radical 1990s Christian 'cult' which was praised by bishops but collapsed after sex scandal is now subject of police investigation - as officers arrest man and woman

3 who ran yoga network that was accused of being cult-like are arrested in tax fraud case

BRUTAL SLAYING Mystery of couple ‘murdered by apocalyptic prophet who carried out cult rituals and drew pentagrams on walls’

Famed Yoga School Was Allegedly a Cult That Recruited ‘Geishas’ for Sex Trafficking

Extremism Glossary: 11 Red Flag Words and What They Mean

The mid-1800s sex cult in the heart of Spaxton

 Minnetonka food truck co-owner sues two sisters over cult accusations

 Victims Speak Out On 'Sex Cult Leader' From Lake Elsinore

 Korean Doomsday Sect Gets Rich in Fiji With Government Help

 Infamous ‘Cult’ Leader Arrested After Dead Body Found in Home

 Revealed: ‘Hidden epidemic’ of abusive cults in UK, with 2,000 groups operating freely

 Sentence of Norwood cult member to stand

 Almost 100 rescued from dungeon after cult church kidnapped to 'await return of Jesus'26 children were among 77 people that Nigerian police found entombed in a dungeon beneath a church after a cult allegedly kidnaped them and told them to 'await the return of Jesus'

 Murder charges for 12 people who prayed over dying girl

 An Ayahuasca Retreat Claims to Sell 'Miracles.' Former Workers and Guests Say It's Unsafe and Abusive.

 Cult leader accused of grooming and raping four women in Coventry fails to have case thrown out

Cult leader who claimed to be 'an incarnation of God' is set to face case over 'rape of four female devotees' after appeal is thrown out

Legal claims shed light on founder of faith group tied to Amy Coney Barrett

She Fell in Love with a Colleague. Their Boss was a Cult Leader.

Pastor Confesses To Sex With Teen

Indiana woman who confronted pastor over sex abuse details her ‘prison of lies and pain’

Nelly’s Former Mansion Owned by Alleged Cult

Inside Hollywoods Orgasm Cult

Police in Thailand arrest leader of corpse-worshipping cult

SPIRITUAL SUSPECT Irish 'guru' arrested Spain in sex assault case had high level of control over followers, expert claims

Former cult member won't appeal extradition for murder charges

Life coaching group run by South Africans in the UK accused of abusing, exploiting and fleecing victims

EXPOSED: The trendy life coach group accused of fleecing and threatening its trusting middle class devotees, as victims sucked into a sinister 'personal growth' programme issue a chilling warning

The Yogi sect: prosecutors ask for 40 years for the main defendant for reduction to servitude

UP Couple Accuses Seer Of Brainwashing Their Daughter, Holding Her Captive In Ashram

Missouri regulates boarding schools after abuse allegations

Heaven's Gate 25 Years Later: Former Cult Member Turned Recovery Counselor Explains How Cults Recruit

'We didn't think we were being oppressed': Victims say Jacksonville church, school functioned like a cult

Here's how to know when multi-level marketing is a pyramid scheme

'They're in a cult.' Father fights to see his toddler son as mother refuses to say where they are

B.C. woman sues international multi-level marketing company over recalled meal replacement products

Staff turn to HRC to save them from 'cult-like' course

"Massaro's organization is a cover to give him everything he craves: power, money and women"

Spiritual guru or creepy cult leader? The strange story of Bentinho Massaro

Sexism, Abuse Reign In Lee Chatfield's 'Cult-Like' Christian Sect, Critics Say

Is Stella And Dot An MLM?

Is Jeunesse An MLM?

Is Mary Kay An MLM?

Fake friends: Pyramid scheme disguised as socializing spreads in Japan amid COVID

Is Scentsy An MLM?

Is Younique An MLM?

Is Rodan And Fields An MLM?

Is Beachbody An MLM?

'I was trapped in a cult without knowing – they hypnotised and brainwashed me'

How To Tell If A Business Is A Pyramid Scheme

A novel theory on how conspiracy theories take shape

Conspiracy mentality around the globe tends to be particularly pronounced on the political fringes

Elizabeth Struhs: Girl, 8, dies as cult parents stop her diabetes medicines and pray instead

Church member disputes claims made against House of Prayer

Former members allege church is a cult

Divine warriors, 'womb medicine' and a 'revered priestess': Inside the bizarre retreat led by nephew of member of notorious sect 'The Family' - who denies he's running a cult and insists it's a 'Love Revolution'

Does Social Media Foster COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories?

Meet the women leaving their 'Instagram marketing' jobs – "It was supposed to be the dream"

1 held in multi-level marketing scam

A young woman went on a date on Tinder and fell into a sex cult: she was murdered and dismembered into 14 pieces

CID arrests 7 for running illegal MLM business

Chinese hair salon chain investigated for cult-like worship of founder and dodgy sales practices

The ultra-violent cult that became a global mafia

Cult killers sentenced to 50 years prison in Panama

'Magic dirt': How the internet fueled, and defeated, the pandemic's weirdest MLM

Cult leader nabbed for alleged rape of 2 members

What is the 1st Amendment Praetorian, the obscure far-right group subpoenaed by the January 6 committee?

Religious cult at center of South Korea's new Covid outbreak; daily cases hit record high

It Started With Thirst Traps on TikTok. Now, She’s Accused of Running a BDSM Cult

Before the sudden death of its leader, Ra Ma Yoga Institute was accused by some former members of being a cult. What happens now?

Recent Attempted Murder Exposes Local Church to Be What Former Members Call a Cult – Part 1

3 more arrested over cold case murders from ’80s, ’90s tied to Hasidic cult

De-radicalisation offers Moroccan prisoners route to freedom.

What happens when people talk to their therapists about conspiracy theories Its tricky.

Freedom Festival unites doomsday church Steve Bannon and the NRA in Pennsylvania

He held me hostage with no gun but with his words:The phone scam gaslighting therapists

Edmonton de-radicalization program still sorting through tough questions two years after launch

HOLY HELL Inside cult for beautiful people where monster guru raped disciples who compare him to Hitler in new doc

Why MLMs Like LuLaRoe Are Disturbingly Similar to Cults

‘RHOSLC’ star Mary Cosby is running a cult, ex-church memb

Teen convicted in 2014 ‘Slender Man’ stabbing to be released from mental health facility on Monday

The researchers conducted five studies to investigate whether conspiracy theories were appealing because they had entertainment value

In India to learn Vedanta, US citizen distances himself from family; Bombay HC refuses parents' plea to evaluate his mental state

New movement of religious extremists push ultra-conservative vision in US

Up to 70% of people referred to Prevent may have mental health issues

If YouTube Algorithms Radicalize Users, Data Doesn't Show It

Members Of Kansas City, Kansas, Sect That Engaged In Human Trafficking Lose Defamation Claims

Deradicalizing domestic extremists

'Our entire world was shattered': Parents say ex-teacher 'brainwashed' daughter to convert to Christianity

This Alberta woman spent 26 years in a religious community. She now considers it a cult

Mexican ’emotional coach’ Ricardo Ponce is denounced for sexual abuse

Woman brainwashed, physically and sexually abused at Burlington mansion, judge told

Boston Students Calling For Resignations After "Cult" Group Operated In BPS

This church program is accused of abusing teens with extreme 'boot camps,' 'fight nights' and shame

'Through the looking glass': How conspiracy theories wreck lives

Congregation or cult? Former members accuse Kansas City church of abuse

Historic home of notorious B.C. cult listed for $2.8M

Inside the Spirituality ‘Cult’ Whose Members Allege Sexual and Financial Exploitation

Inside the ‘Cult-Like’ Summer Camp Where Women Say They Had to Hug Their Abusers

Life in a cult: one couple is telling their story after a life inside

Her Brother Was Tortured to Death by Members of a Cult, Including Their Own Mother

Spiritual group compared to Heaven's Gate cult is planting roots in Mt. Shasta area

Cult leader who practised obscure branch of Hinduism and claimed to be 'an incarnation of God' is accused of raping four female devotees

How to talk to believers of COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Ex-members of twisted Colorado 'cult' detail the 'abuse' and 'brainwashing' they suffered at the hands of its leader - who insists on being called 'Mother God' and claims Donald Trump was her father in a past life

Teen Accused of Stabbing Student to Death Was Into Online Blood Rituals and Conspiracies

Unmasked: man behind cult set to replace QAnon

NSW cult leader charged with keeping sex slave as police urge more victims to come forward

Former 'slave' speaks out about abusive sex cult being run from a rural property

How We Survived Growing Up in Apocalyptic Cults

Last Call with Avanah Sophia: Cult survivor and musician

Let us prey? Religious group defector says he escaped a cult

MLM schemes in the UK: The 'cult-like' beauty businesses in your DMs

Cobb woman who led religious cult gets 30 years for child deaths

How sick rapist cult leader ‘collected women he called his kittens’ & ‘even had horrific turnstile sex system’

Anyone can fall for 'fake news,' conspiracy theories: The psychology of misinformation

Catholic Church in Malta confirms break with ‘closed cult community’ after investigation

The Cult That Raised Me

Sandy Hook father is forced to wear a DISGUISE in 60 Minutes interview about his son, 6, because conspiracy theorists who say massacre was 'faked' have threatened to kill him

Nashville bomber's bizarre writings reveal belief in aliens and lizard people

What is 5G paranoia? Nashville bombing renews conspiracy theories

The Cult of SoulCycle Is Even Darker Than You Thought

Anti-Trump cult expert mistakes porn for ‘highly sophisticated mind control’

How social media influencer tactics help conspiracy theories gain traction online

The orgasm workshop I went to rang alarm bells — now some allege it is part of a sex cult

New memoir "Little Sister" explores growing up in a religious cult

Workers Say They Were Manipulated into Free Labor For National Yoga Brand

Quiboloy’s followers rejoice over Hawaii court’s dismissal of cash smuggling case

Ex-Members of Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith Group Allege Abuse

James Randi, dazzling magician and skeptic, dies at 92

James Randi, magician turned skeptic, dies at 92

A Major Online Learning Platform Was Created by a Subterranean Religious ‘Cult’ Whose Leader Has Been Accused of Violence and Abuse

German court jails sect leader for murder of 4-year-old

Greatest Domestic Threat Is Lone Actors Self-Radicalizing Online, Wray Says

Tactics employed by right-wing extremist groups are now being used by extremists on the left, report finds

What Is It About California and Cults?

Meet The New Cult In Town: Love Has Won, Now Quarantining On Kauai

'Sex cult' led by a 77-year-old man known only as The Doctor who 'tortured and sexually abused female slaves including young girls for 30 years' is uncovered in Italy

Experience: my yoga class turned out to be a cult

Inside the Social Media Cult That Convinces Young People to Give Up Everything

UK psychologists make link between 5G conspiracy theorists and violence

'They tortured them:' Purported sect leader Ceus to spend decades in prison for role in Norwood child deaths

A Canadian teenager has been charged with terrorism inspired by the online 'incel' movement. What is an 'incel?'

Cult Leader Aharon Ramati Indicted For Holding Victims In Slave-Like Conditions & Other Criminal Acts

Coronavirus suspected in death of Harlem 'cult’ leader whose church required 20% tithes

Another former Freedom Village student alleges sexual abuse at Yates County campus

Scripps Research Debunks Conspiracy Theories: New Coronavirus Evolved Naturally

Man who inspired cult fears in Aroostook County arrested in Madawaska

Case of Kansas cult killer and rapist Daniel Perez, AKA Lou Castro, featured on TV

Former members say Franklin cult is back open in Dickson County

‘Cult’ leader Gary Blankenship loses eviction fight in St. Agatha

Xenos changing name to Dwell, but rebranding doesn’t quiet church critics

‘Cult’ church leader Michael Sperou sentenced to 13 years in prison in sexual abuse case

South Jersey leader of black separatist church is sentenced to prison for misspending money and evading taxes

Religious cult house near Micanopy to be auctioned Feb. 29

Inside the ‘90s ‘cult’ that locked humans inside ‘Spaceship Earth’

The psychology and physiology of propaganda: A study of the radicalization of women

Cult leader and members indicted for murder, abuse of followers

Pregnant woman and six children tortured and killed by a religious cult in Panama, authorities say

'I was sexually abused by a shaman at an ayahuasca retreat'

Cult 'anointed by God' kills 7 in Panama Jungle

Aharon Ramati named as rabbi arrested for alleged enslavement of women

Haredi cult victim: Rabbi used women to groom us

Jerusalem police arrest suspected cult leader who kept dozens of women, children

Fears of a cult takeover roil a tiny town in northern Maine

My journey into the dark, hypnotic world of a millennial guru

‘Doomsday cult’ mom of missing kids believes she’s a god: court docs

Scientists establish link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage

Briton who was recruited aged 14 into a 'cult' that worships North Korean dictators has been kicked out at 23 after a bust-up with its leader

What Exactly Is MITT? Fans Are Warning ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer About the Alleged Cult

Sect Brainwashed Believers, Ex-Member Says

Woman Fighting To Reunite Her Family After Being Excommunicated From Local Church She Calls A Cult

How cult brands like SoulCycle and Airbnb are actually kinda cult-like

How faith healing 'works'

Colorado Doomsday Cult Killings Of 2 Girls: Mom Nashika Bramble Gets Life Sentence

Members 'brainwashed' by mega-church into donating thousands

Meet The Thai UFO Group Convinced That Aliens Will Save Us From Armageddon

Tainted by ‘rape cult’ allegations, rebranded Agama back in business on Thai island

El Centro church accused of labor trafficking more like 'a cult,' says former parishioner

Trickle-Up Economics

How to rescue a loved one from a sect

From Midsommar to The Wicker Man, an expert tells us how accurately Hollywood portrays some of cinema's most coercive cults

Survivor of Religious Cult Known as The Move: 'I Was Fighting Against Becoming One of Them'

Radicalisation in prisons: Council adopts conclusions

9 Women Have Now Accused Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins of Sexual Misconduct

What parents need to know about online radicalization

A 'miracle' healing gel, a cult-like following, and a fiercely protected empire

My Childhood in a Cult

20 percent tithes: Harlem 'cult’ leader who faces jail over church money scheme still running congregation

‘Pretty harmless’ to ‘personality cult’: Experts analyze the Denver House

How Cults Made America

What’s going on at the Denver House? Students in spiritual group push back against cult rumors

Scientists establish a link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage

There are now as many Americans who claim no religion as there are evangelicals and Catholics, a survey finds

This Documentary Tells the True Story of Dallas’ Weirdest Cult

Sexual Assault Allegations 'Proven to Be True' Against Famed S.F. Yoga Teacher

Pastor accused of running his multimillion-dollar Taylor church as a ‘cult’

Facebook group claims Canton Christian Fellowship Center a cult

Refugees from an Ozarks cult detail abuse

Feds Indict 5 New Mexico Compound Residents On Terrorism And Gun Charges

Morris Dees, a Co-Founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Is Ousted

They spoke to dozens of jailed extremists, and here's what they learned

Doomsday cult raid in Brazil reveals dozens 'working for spiritual salvation before world ends'

Judge Freezes Assets Of Kansas City, Kansas, Sect Found To Engage In Human Trafficking

Leaders of Alleged Christian Cult Sentenced to Jail

Former members question Mich. church's mission

Police raid 'Buddha boy' ashram in Nepal

Germany introduces extremism counseling service

Surge in far-Right extremists reported to authorities as Islamist cases fall

Two years after #Pizzagate showed the dangers of hateful conspiracies, they’re still rampant on YouTube

How a psychosexual 'cult' tried to tear apart my family

On a mission from God: South Korea's many cults

Ex-members: Carson City ‘cult' hid sex crimes

Gwinnett jury awards $46M judgment in toddler starvation cult case

The maternity homes where ‘mind control’ was used on teen moms to give up their babies

How the World’s First Male Supermodel Escaped an Abusive Doomsday Sex Cult

Online Conspiracy Groups are a Lot Like Cultss

'Supreme Being' to be arrested, federal judge in KCK orders

O.C. Prosecutors Warn Public of 'Faith Healing' Business Under Investigation for Allegedly Targeting Latinos, Defrauding Them of Savings

The Cult Around the Corner

Anjem Choudary shunned by imams who say he's not welcome at scores of mosques

Multilevel marketing companies say they can make you rich. Here’s how much 7 sellers actually earned.

Nixa man, a failed polygamist and minister, accused of illegally circumcising 2 teens

4 Personality Traits Cult Leaders Have In Common

Why I gave up everything and joined a New Age cult

My Experience in a 12-Step Cult

Kidnapped by mum: the American teenager trapped in a South Korean cult

Grace Road Church: 'I lost my entire family to a cult'

YouTube’s secret life as an engine for right-wing radicalization

It was brainwashing': Canadian speaks out about yoga guru accused of sexual assault

Two witnesses' accounts about Grace Road Church

Being Broken: Years of sexual abuse alleged at Agama yoga school on Koh Phangan

Agama Yoga on Koh Phangan raided by Thai police

From Wu-Tang to HBO to Spokesman for the Gods: Inside 'Oz' Actor Gano Grill’s Journey to Galactic Enlightenment

Inside the 'illegal' bush compound of a reclusive Muslim sect that refuses to obey Australia's laws - because they are against Islam

A Murky Scandal Involving a Powerful Punk Rock Dharma Teacher Is Dividing a Major Buddhist Community

The Korean cult accused of brutalising slaves in Fiji

Religious sect's new Swiss home prompts concerns

New Mexico: Police find 11 starving children in compound

South Korean cult leader arrested after stranding 400 followers in Fiji

State seizes newborn from ‘faith-healing’ Lansing couple whose baby died last year

'It's definitely a cult,' says ex-Johnston church member where Sunday school teacher was arrested

Joliet Sex Cult Leader's 'Princess Margarita' Sentenced

Turkey arrests televangelist Adnan Oktar on multiple charges

‘The Prince’: the God-sent egomaniac who lured a Spanish teen to Peru

The cult appeal of SoulCycle

The Dark Side of the Orgasmic Meditation Company

United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers

North Sumatra cult leader kills three, including baby

Cult leader Samuel Shaffer gets 26 years to life in prison

Bentinho Massaro's Sedona Experiment: How the search for enlightenment led to a digital cult

A One-person Cult? A Japanese Dance Master Accused of Driving a Student to Suicide

Cults increasingly gain followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Leaders of Alleged Cult Sentenced to Jail for Kidnapping

From the Jonestown jungle massacre to the streets of Brixton, cults will always attract leaders and followers

A Brief History of L.A.’s Most Notorious Cults

'How bogus faith healer tore my family apart and took our money'

‘Far Cry 5’ Story Consultant Mia Donovan on the Dangers Posed by Real-World Cults

Bizarre rules of Italian macrobiotic 'cult' revealed by victims

Connecticut school board settles lawsuit over alleged cult activity

Inside Filipino 'cult' that hacks members with machetes to give them 'bulletproof powers'

Cops Bust 'Psycho Sect' That Pushed Strict Macrobiotic Diet

YouTube Cracks Down on Far-Right Videos as Conspiracy Theories Spread

Behind the walls of a cult: victims share their stories

Brazil police arrest sect members for enslavement

Residents unaware cult members were living in Norwood

Authorities: Cumberland religious group held children as slaves

Top Italian judge accused of turning his law school into a misogynistic ‘cult’

A Controversial Therapy For ME Has Led To Claims Of Death Threats, Harassment, And Pseudoscience

Cult leader charged for encouraging followers to commit suicide

Self-Help Group Lured Man Into Sexual Cult, Lawsuit Claims

WA Nannup doomsday cult inquest reveals 'bizarre, alternative lifestyle' of missing family

2 missing girls found in Utah; self-proclaimed "prophet" in custody

Religious home owner, now 75, charged in child’s death

Parents Demand Govt Take Action Against Religious Cult

Descendants of 'sex-obsessed' leader of Victorian cult that scandalised society lose claim for £1m

Action 9: Religious sect accused of filing bogus property deeds

Cult child sex abuse case starts

Religious fundamentalism a mental illness?

South Korea presidential scandal: What you need to know

'Cult leader', 52, who had two children with 14-year-old girl after her Amish parents gave her to him as a 'gift' is charged with abusing her FIVE younger sisters who thought he was a 'prophet from God'

Police still searching for cult leader's money

Trial Ordered for Firm Accused of Requiring Cult-Like Acts

Former B.C. cult property for sale

How do you spot signs of radicalisation?

Cult leader Dimas ends his mystical journey in detention

Forced into his cult-like Ontario church as a teen and abused, woman spent years exposing ‘The Prophet’

Inside the Rise & Fall Of A 1970s Upper West Side Cult

What makes a cult a cult?

‘The Prophet’ of cult-like church near Owen Sound, gets 18 months for assaulting members

Inside France's deradicalisation 'boot camp'

Home health-care workers arrested on charges of second-degree grand larceny

The search for a Speedo-wearing guru

Cult survivor tells of years of abuse, and urges other victims to speak

The Cult of Trump

Perverted 'faith healer' jailed for groping patients with ‘healing hands’

Inside the secretive religious movement that is being blamed for Turkey's attempted coup

The Original Assassins Were a Feared Cult That Ordered Hits All Over the Middle East

Turkey’s purge marks endgame in Islamist civil war

How a Self-Taught Hacker Escaped a Cult

An Exiled Cleric Denies Playing a Leading Role in Coup Attempt

Conspiracy theorist David Icke says 'childish' Today show hosts 'abused him off air' before their heated exchange about his claim that 'the world is run by shape-shifting reptiles'

Study: Five more Idaho children died when religious beliefs blocked treatment

Tony Robbins asked them to overcome fear and storm across hot coals. Dozens were injured.

Italian Schismatic Sect Incurs Excommunication

"Gang stalking" victims who believe they are targets of mind control

Violent ideology, bizarre demands: Secretive world of the Mathura cult

News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016

Inside Superstar Machine, Which Ex-Members Say Is a Cult Preying on New York’s Creative Women

KDKA Investigates: Former Pastors, Member Call Bridgeville Church Cult-Like

Inside NYC's Social Club For The Formerly Devout

'It Was Like a Cult': Leaving the World of Online Conspiracy Theories

‘Health guru’ Clive de Carle accused of selling potentially deadly autism ‘cure’ pill to desperate parents trying to help their kids

Megan Phelps-Roper, 30, a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church

The ‘Cultish’ Call of Yoga Studios

A Workplace, an Ashram, or a Cult?

'Devil cult' killer is eligible for freedom, but Gov. Brown turned him down last time

More Ex-Members Come Forward, Call McKeesport Church “Cult-Like”

Former Members Of McKeesport Church Say It Is “Cult-Like”

Former Grenville Christian College students tell harrowing stories of abuse

White was the color of hell for children in N.J. cult

Leaders of massive doomsday cult in Nicaragua sentenced to 7 years

Proposal includes first legal definition of an abusive cult; leading a cult would be considered a crime carrying a 10-year prison sentence.

Cults, conspiracies and the utterly bizarre history of Sleepytime tea

Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me

Suspected Ramati cult re-emerges

Calls for prime site sold to 'cult' for bargain price to go back on the market

The revolution that never was: Author details her life with Communist cult in 1970s and ’80s

How to create a cult business

Can Airbnb unite the world?

Church warns flock

2015 was deadliest year for domestic extremist violence in two decades, report says

Petition Calls on Whole Foods to Cut Ties With Rabbi Accused of Improper Sexual Conduct

‘I Am Called a Cult Leader. I Really Don’t Care.’

Christian cult leader and psychotherapist, 63, who told her clients to breastfeed from her and suckle 'mummy's milk' is jailed for series of bizarre sexual assaults on women

Religious cult took our sister from us, says family

Rebecca Kandare tragedy: Religious sect parents jailed for killing baby daughter who was left to starve to death

Blooming 'Happy Science' cult channels Disney, Gandhi, Jesus and Thatcher

I Joined A Sex Cult

More speak up against ‘cult’

‘We are no cult members’

Appeals Court Upholds Sentence in Child's Faith-Healing Death

Radhe Maa: Why is India's 'godwoman' in the news?

Police Raids in Brazil Dismantle Religious Slavery Cult

Fears grow as homophobic Australian cult leader who claims to be CHRIST gains followers

The Trivedi Defect

'Healer' loses appeal on sex convictions

'Spiritual' healer who asked clients to disrobe loses appeal

Group claiming to turn gay men straight committed consumer fraud, N.J. jury says

'Jesus Freaks': Author tells about sex, God and rock n' roll in Windsor area cult

Mystery surrounds visit to UAE of alleged religious cult

Suspicions of ‘cult activity’ end in sex charges against Washington dad

NebrasCult Killer Michael Ryan Cheats Death Row

Another of killer cult leader’s 47 children sues NYC

Czech sect leader arrested for rape

Indian choreographer denies allegations, calls accusations 'nonsense'

Shiamak Davar, Bollywood star, sued for sexually abusing B.C. dancers in sect

Hebron man sentenced for beating, burning roommate
Islamic leaders urge police to keep a close watch on leader of closed Al-Furqan centre
Faith Assembly film to document faith-healing church and those who died because of its beliefs
Kenya attack: 147 dead as Islamist gunmen target Christian students

Spiritual warfare at Sterling's Calvary Temple church

Germany bans extremist Islamist group 'Tauhid Germany'
Remembering the West Hampstead 'holy man' and his cult of women

Russian fighter escaped sect that took all his money for 12 years

The Indian miracle-buster stuck in Finland


Gov. Jerry Brown overturns parole board decision for O.C.'s 'devil cult' killer

Psychic Daniel Perez Convicted of Murder, 27 Other Charges
Faith Healer Sexually Abused 15 Women: Bandung Cops
Branford woman sentenced in 'Gifting Tables' scheme
Shocking: Cult leader Daniel Perez faces murder and rape charges
Self-styled "seer" faces murder trial for death he foretold

'I was brainwashed by a cult': How one woman escaped and rebuilt her life
Cult leaders detained on sex abuse charges
Taiwanese cult leader sentenced to 13 years over death of student

Former Street Church associates claim 'cult-like' practices tearing families apart
Monetizing the Orgasm
Yoga handmaiden had sex with boy
Thomas Jefferson vs. the Bible: What America's founding father really thought about religion
Guru accused of sexual, physical assault of children at ashram
Fast cars, extravagant vacations and very much still in business: Lavish lifestyle of the cult leader linked to Russian supermodel who plunged to her death in New York revealed
Since 2011, 12 Idaho Kids Have Died, Without Investigation
"Cult" leader pleads no contest
Psychology: The truth about the paranormal

Sex-abuse inquiry investigates NSW ashram

The Unbelievable Skepticism of the Amazing Randi

The foot soldiers of deradicalisation
Inside Manhattan's secret 'cult'
Teen's quest for Amazon 'medicine' ends in tragedy

Cremains of 7 missing from Oak Ridge cemetery
Female British Muslims as vulnerable to radicalisation as men, study shows
Killer in the cult Luke Andrew Hunter came unstuck through a tip-off to police after almost 15 years on the run
Glenn Close Returns to Stage, Reveals Remarkable Childhood in Cult

Sect leader who raped thousands of female followers claiming he could heal them through sex sparks international arrest warrant
Families torn apart as Western girls join Islamist cause

How she went from a school teacher to an ISIS member
Critics show little faith in healing powers of Brazilian 'trickster'

91 arrested in Southern California sex trafficking crackdown

'My mother was an evil woman and I'll never forgive her': Victim of satanic sex cult speaks out about a lifetime of horror
Ottawa man gets 24 years after surprise guilty plea in terror plot

Five detained in raid over alleged cult links
The Rastafarians' flawed African 'promised land'
Police to lift lid on murky world of bogus faith healers who promise cures for huge sums of money
Old Order Mennonite community "similar to a cult"
Woman Running Spiritual Healing Scam in Waukegan Stole $40K, Police Say
Cult suspected of prostituting women 'to save Israel'

Ex-psychotherapy sex commune leader permitted to practice again
Sex abuse dance teacher Grant Davies ran 'cult-like' studio
Father in 2008 prayer death case in jail
French ex-recruit reveals Islamist indoctrination methods
At 86, the Amazing Randi still keeps you guessing
Controversial former Bury St Edmunds dance teacher shot dead in US
Mindfulness therapy comes at a high price for some, say experts
Son Says Maranatha Leader Made Brothers Beat Mother
Family Member Describes Heartbreak Over MN Religious Group
Purported 'Buddha' Blames Followers for Wealth, God-Like Status

 Undercover reporters investigate London faith healers

How a regular suburban kid put his faith in a killer cult
Guru and mum refused sick son medicine
'Fake' Buddha Must Be Monitored, Hun Sen Says
Westerners Are Flocking to Iraq's Top Terror Group - and There Seems to Be Very Little We Can Do About It
Lewes Subud Group to take over the derelict St Anne's School
Cults Ministry seizes discs from self-proclaimed 'god'
Born into a cult: Woman who escaped twisted religious group 'The Assembly' reveals horrifying abuse by members who believed children were evil and had to be beaten with iron rods
Wikipedia's edit wars and the eight religious pages people can't stop editing
Sects, cults and UFOs: Fringe groups The Family, Raelian Movement and 'real' Jesus Christ among those attracting Aussie followers
Celebrity Rabbi, Heal Thyself

Cults: "People underestimate how powerful they are"
MorningStar's development suit against York Co. could end before trial
Europe employs outreach program to rehabilitate Islamist extremists
Jail for faith healer who molested boy
Ex-Maranatha Member: Leader Made Me Run To Miscarry
Lawsuit Exposes Southern Minnesota Religious Group
The Dark Knight of the Soul
Indian 'spiritual healer' charged with fraud, blackmail in UK

Drugged, Drowned on Spirit Retreat, Mom Says

Dead or Meditating?
Would you fight for $70 MIil? Family of mystic says he is dead, his followers say he is meditating!
Juliette D'Souza found guilty of £1million shaman faith healing fraud
Dead guru 'just sleeping'...in a freezer

Rogue Element
Lawsuit Claims Avon Teachers Indoctrinated Girls Into Cult
Family Claims Teachers Lured Girls Into Cult
Yoo ignores summons for questions

Three alleged Church of Wells members asked to leave Lufkin ISD campus

Amid Questions, Town Welcomes a New College

Elusive Yoo family stumps investigators
The resurrection of a bygone amusement park
The closed-door church: Inside the secretive and strict Plymouth Brethren sect in Manitoba
The call of the cult
Cult leader dies in prison

Couple sentenced to probation for church-directed child abuse
'Shaman' took £1million from cancer victims to hang from 'magic tree' in Amazon
Sect leader charged with sexually abusing girls, remains at large
MISSING AMALIA: Family pushes for new search in 1998 disappearance of California cult members The great 1980s Dungeons & Dragons panic
Mexico: Sect had kids from 2008 disappearance
NBI arrests cult leader, finds body of boy, 14
China fines NU Skin, eyes tighter direct-sales control
Woman Claims SoCal Cult Is Trying to Sell Her Home
Faith-Healing Mother Heads to Prison for Son's Death
Meet Lord RayEl, 'risen Christ' and failed politician, who ruined a young man's NFL prospects
Bizarre Cult-Like Story Involves a Doctor, Massage Therapists and Commune Living That Has Parents Fearing They'll Lose Their Kids Forever
Dead Indian guru frozen by devotees
'Tantric sex rituals' of notorious Buddhist retreat revealed: Ex-member of mysterious 'cult' lifts lid on head monk whose secret wife left him for love rival who died in desert
My Brief Rendez-vous with the Guru
Views On 'Cult-like' Retreats Vary Wildly

Pennsylvania couple sent to prison for 2nd prayer death
Church at the center of fraud investigation
Ex-Miss Utah suing Nu Skin over arrest
Mexican vigilantes drive out religious drug cartel from gang-held city
Crossfit in Richmond: Cult or Craze?
Pardons Board grants hearing for parolee convicted in Rulo cult killing
Self-Publisher WinePress Goes Out of Business
Daniel Clement Chafe arrested in Oregon, wanted since 1998 for rape, child sex abuse
Christian counsellors ban therapy aimed at 'converting' gay patients
'Fabio saved me from doomsday cult,' model reveals
Bogus faith healer told to pay back just £35,000
Surviving a sex commune: Film-maker grew up in a sinister cult - and now he's made a documentary lifting the lid on his traumatic childhood
Supreme Court won't hear Weston prayer death case
There is no difference in religious fundamentalism between American Muslims and Christians
Children of horrifying incest 'cult' with four generations of in-breeding found living deformed, filthy and mute in scenic valley
Hallandale Beach police: 'Faith healer' swindled 2 women out of $85,700
Man, 70, jailed for sex attacks and 'brainwashing' child with fear
No-contest plea by parents in faith-healing death of 2d child
Tuhan Harun: Cult leader or money launderer extraordinaire?

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau found guilty of contempt, ordered held
Couple questions alternative healing groups' activities on Haida Gwaii
Refugee of religious cult tells her story
What it's like to escape from a cult
David Sullivan, PI who infiltrated cults, dies
The Quackish Cult of Alternative Medicine
Sadistic cult leader sentenced to 26 years
My life with the thrill-clit cult
Remembering David Sullivan
Police search for man handing out fliers at university, seeking to recruit 13 spiritually alive white women for his Fourth Reich 'Nymph Squad'
Brockton area elderly getting duped by con artists
Palo: Afro-Caribbean Religion With Sacrifices
Two head teachers of primary school infiltrated by hard-line religious sect are axed from their posts
Mum tells how controversial Church of Christ outlawed her from her family after she attended different kirk
Sect's preacher spent 8 years at primary school
Retreat for abuse victims 'cult-like'
Parents' outrage as extremist US religious cult hand out creationist books and preach to kids at Scottish school
Conspiracy theories: the science behind belief in secret plots
The Silence of Shunning: A Conversation with Kipling William
Dominican Judge Orders Sect Leader to Face Trial
Horrifying Threats Against Congresswoman Tied To Obscure Hare Krishna Sect
Former residents describe Cherokee shelter as "cult"
Guilford women sentenced to prison in Women's Gifting Tables case
Sam Hinn, brother of Benny Hinn, returns to ministry too soon, pastor says
Sex and Death on the Road to Nirvana
French 'tantric sex guru' on trial for rape of teen
Faith-Healing Couple Hears Evidence in Son's Death
Who are Mexico's Knights Templar?
Ghost Stories: Scams Targeting S.F.'s Cantonese Community Reveal the Terrible Power of Belief
Nadine Brown, founder of controversial Intercessors of the Lamb, dies
Anti-cult conference planned in Scientology's backyard
Castlewood director steps down after accusations of brainwashing
Viennese artist and convicted paedophile Otto Muehl dies
What Killed the Son of Faith-Healing Couple
Faith-healing couple charged with third-degree murder in infant's death
Schaible baby's death is ruled a homicide
Schaible children get court-ordered medical care
Disclaimer regarding Steve Hassan
Aging Fugitive Joanne Chesimard Is First Woman on Most Wanted Terrorists List
Chile newborn 'dies in sect ritual'
Abuse victims recount residential school heartbreak
Judge rebukes Rhawnhurst couple over death of another child
City cuts ties to EEG
City checks into EEG's background lacked depth, some say
Potential space center developer EEG under scrutiny
Marathon Co. Faith Healing Case: 5 Years After Kara Neumann's Death
Victory Christian Staff Members Plead No Contest To Failing To Report Teen Rape
Clarksville church members push back against pastor's control
Unlocking the Conspiracy Mind-Set
Two women guilty in Shoreline gifting tables case
Local megachurch navigates precarious path
Inside the mystic love sect that lured 80-year-old Ken Barlow from the arms of a weathergirl 36 years his junior
Faith healer convicted of sexually abusing clients pleads case
The Operator
Faith healer rapes and impregnates minor, mother dismisses complaint
Deviant sect leader believed doomsday was on Dec 21, 2012
Spiritual leader detained after police raid his home
Worst 'End of World' Predictions... and the Embarrassing Excuses
Jury Awards Over $100M to Parents of Misty Horner in Wrongful Death Suit
New Jo'burg church has more than a whiff of cult
Forget the Mayan Apocalypse, the new date for doomsday is January 1 2017, claim Sword of God cult
Chileans react to the end of the world as we know it
Apocalyptic nightmares: Dire prophecies help some people profit from the doomsday dread
Indonesia arrests fake Islamic prophet for 'sex cult'
Doomsday Cultists Flock To Serbian Mountain
Russia acts as countdown to doomsday prophecy sparks unrest
Space mountain
Printing company linked to cult-like church has done work for school board
Children living in cult in Arizona arrive back in Quebec
Inside Britain's Armageddon houses: Meet the 'preppers' who are stockpiling food and weapons because they fear the world will end
Youth protection takes 10 children among followers of 'guru'
New Jersey gay conversion therapy group sued for fraud
French officials ban access to sacred mountain which believers claim will be refuge from 'Mayan apocalypse on December 21'
A Qualitative autoethnographic research exploration of the potential cult dangers at a spiritualist camp
Gay conversion therapy goes unregulated
Police breakup doomsday cult in the Dominican Republic
Death on the Path to Enlightenment: Inside the Rise of India Syndrome
German Killed in Dominican Republic Shootout Said Member of "Dangerous" Cult
'Cult' rehab treatment cost man his leg, police say
Shots fired as police swoop 10 minutes before 100 followers of Brazilian doomsday cult were due to commit mass suicide over end of the world
Bedford's cult of God's Daughter
Exploring The First Ex-Gay Cult In "Erasing Reason"
Muslim 'cult leader' revealed
Mom wants to know why spiritual healers didn't call 911 for son
Special Report: Grandmaster of Russia's pyramid cult
Anti-Muslim film promoter outspoken on Islam
California man confirms role in anti-Islam film amid mystery over movie and its makers
Edmonton organization fights back against cult movement
Pay and you will be saved: the stringent code of Kabbalah Laam
Outrage over preacher who 'cures cancer by hitting people'
Cult May Have Stolen Body of Grandmother, Police Say
San Jose: 21 people treated for burns after firewalk at Tony Robbins appearance
Saint, knights and crystal meth; Mexico's bizarre cartel
Messiah personalities behind deviant groups
Caught up in the cult of cults
Religious sect destroys schools in Mexican town
Lawmakers call for legislation to criminalize cults
Montreal cult conference an emotional tinderbox as diverse group of attendees can't hide rifts
The doctor behind the 'hunger cult' that obsessed a mother who 'starved her 16-year-old daughter to death'
Cult leader gets 480 yrs in prison hell
Dialing for Dollars
Bizarre cult life insurance court case has SD connection
There Was a Bizarro Yoga-Cult Death in the Desert
NKY evangelist's trial exposes lavish lifestyle
Mysterious Yoga Retreat in the Desert Ends in a Grisly Death
Cult leader jailed for prison escape by helicopter
Officials: Mystery surrounds baby's death
Cult leader accused of drowning woman to collect her $2million life insurance policy 'told CHILD to lie about victim's death'
A camp for sports and avoiding gay sex
The cult that stole my childhood
Oregon church sues ex-members for defamation over blog criticizing church's practices
New Mayan calendar shows world doesn't end in 2012
Health minister encourages sect to vaccinate
St. Louis County treatment center chief expanding to California despite lawsuits
"High Pressure groups" recruiting at Penn
Cult leaders prey on the desperate
Cult victims go to cops
Scots pastor in US 'cult' church accused of raping girl, 10
Word of Life Doesn't Like the Word "Sect"
Lotters acted with 'diminished responsibility'
‘Cult' children disown parents
Church teaches 'miracle' cures
Keeping the Faith: Ohio church continues Bible prophecy ministry
Trio guilty of Lotters' murders
Lotters 'like cult victims'
'Odd quirks' of cult revealed
"An Examination of the Phenomenon of Cults in Israel", State of Israel, The Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, Official Translation March 2011
The good, the bad and the future of yoga
Sex scandal knocks yoga world off balance
Cults watchdog faces danger of being shut down
Judge denies appeal over injection drug
Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here
Nebraska high court grants stay of execution for Ryan
Professor tells rise, fall of Illuminati during lecture
Religious cult linked to beheading of 14 chickens in Penge
Indictment: Jerusalem cult members abused minors
Gay church dubbed a 'cult' after schism
Judge puts congregation back in own church
Police arrest 9 suspected Jerusalem cult members
'How I got sucked into a cult'
'This is our sister': Family says 'cult'-like church excluded them at funeral for slain woman
'Cult' film explores sect secrets
Detox therapy death spurs questions on self-help group
Close says she was in a 'cult'
Studies funded on energy healing
Doomsday cult link
Daughter: I lost my mother to 'cult-like' religious order
Cult information charity faces Charity Commission curb after complaint
The world will not end in 2012, says NASA
Rabbi's Followers Blame Aide for Missing Millions
Scholars say negative influence on society amplified by globalization
Judge grants stay to allow Paramus congregation to hold Christmas services
Forum takes on 'destructive cults'
Paramus congregation locked out; scrambling for place to hold Christmas services
Officials: Calif. parents asked man to beat child
2012 doomsayers step into high gear
Mayans 'did not predict world to end in 2012'
'We will live free or you will die': Meet the gun-loving, God-fearing family who shun modern life and have been in a standoff with police for the last 11 years
Parley to explore legislation aimed at curbing cults
Ethics of public servant's charity remain unclear
Nebraska Attorney General Seeks Execution Date for Cult Leader
Economic climate a breeding ground for cults
Venezuelan cult draws tens of thousands of followers
My son is a victim of Armageddon scam
Captive sex slave for 10 years tells her story
Spiritual Abuse, Christian Cults and Controlling Ministries
Minister investigated for naked rituals with followers
Who is the new ‘Pope' of the Palmarians?
Cuba: Standoff at Havana church as dangerous as Waco
Planning Board, Neighbors Suspicious of Church of God's Plans
Experts Say Belief in Paranormal Common in US
Man found guilty of killing and sexually mutilating metro Detroiter gets life sentence
He Wanted a Home, Not a Cult
Alabama lab lost key evidence in praying mom's case
Nine arrested for suspected abuse in polygamous sect
Czech police seek to prosecute sex cure cult guru
India's 'godmen' face questions about wealth
Bizarre sex cult blamed in 2001 killing, mutilation of Madison Heights man
The faith healers who claim they can cure cancer
Quebec man in end-of-world sect accused of inciting suicide
Newcomers' Arrival Scares Up Tales of the Mayan Apocalypse
Doomsday prediction, apocalypse, 2012
Local Woman Overcomes Life in Religious Cult
French cult predicts end of the world December 21, 2012
Cops ask for look-out notice against yoga cult
A field guide to bullshit
Calls to end cult
Sexting pol: Anthony Weiner often seeks counsel with Rabbi to the Stars Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto
Police question members of European cult
Spell of India's 'godmen'
Queens voodoo mom Marie Lauradin sentenced to 17 years in prison for setting daughter on fire
Labour Minister Intervenes in Brazilian Sect
European cult that mixes yoga with sex sets up base in Tamil Nadu
Chicken Soup millionaire
For 8-year-old Irvington girl who died, a short life bereft of toys, fun
NH man convicted of raping teen church member
International hunt for cult 'guru' over Nannup family disappearance
Pastor's sway over his followers stirs questions as police probe Irvington girl's death
Welfare Ministry calls for legislation to fight cults
5 Times World Was Supposed To End ... But Didn't
Prophecy Fail
The Enduring Appeal of the Apocalypse
Is an Israeli guru named Itamar Oren an enlightened "Siddha master" or a "cult" leader?
Zen teachers are livid Utah colleague in sex scandal still teaching
Models' suicides blamed on return of 1970s US cult
'Prophet' faces fine for quake warning
The Investigators: Deadly Faith
Longtime cult tracker following new path
Evelyn Einstein Dies at 70; Shaped by a Link to Fame
Call for agency watch on cults
Cultish Hedge Fund Buffs Image With Confessional Videos
Durham Police arrest suspected cult leader, mother of missing boy
Pursuing Self-Interest in Harmony With the Laws of the Universe and Contributing to Evolution Is Universally Rewarded
Cult leader wants to withdraw guilty plea
Voodoo priest linked to Flatbush blaze is one of many scammers, predators, say neighbors
Killed cult leader's sons speak out
War on cults
The Freedom Church in Hereford: church or cult?
Five found guilty in sex cult trial
FBI: 'Sovereign citizen' cases on the rise
Relatives: Missing boy's mom brainwashed by polygamist boyfriend
Rerpot of Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, "An Examination of the Phenomenon of cults in Israel" 2011
Family members who lost faith find justice
The candidate, a 'radical cult' and $6m squandered on the college that never was
Cult leader Roch Theriault dead in jail
Capture of wanted killer sheds light on life in polygamist cult
A Fading Aura For Arizona's Spiritual Tourism
Escapee hid with cult
Hart: Help kids wise up to advertising
Girl claims she was raped at age 11 by Carmarthenshire religious cult
Woman escapes religious cult in OK
Four couples 'took over Welsh cul-de-sac to set up sick child sex cult'
Philly couple who prayed over dying tot sentenced
Ex-RAF officer who 'fell under influence of female healing guru' wins back £800k house he gave away... but he'll have to share proceeds with wife who is still in the cult
Incest with dad felt like a cult, woman tells hearing
Volunteers at detention centres speak about Scientology influence
Inside cult of a man's world
Apocalypse Never Happened, but a Community Did
Mother moves to remove daughter from 'cult'
Girl, 14, better off in 'destructive cult'
Former-Clackamas cult member murdered in Texas
Japan's bishops want Neocatechumenal Way to leave for five years
Couple bares online attack by cult they sued for fraud
Pennsylvania couple who only prayed for dying tot convicted
Parents' trial begins in death of Rhawnhurst toddler who did not receive medical care
Omaha religious group faces future without church
Devotion to a sect, then slow starvation
Vatican warns of 'wayward' Opus Angelorum sect
Sect refused permission to have island base
Gang rape allegations orchestrated by church leader, lawyer says
Brothers tell of surviving cult
Brothers tell of surviving cult
Missing Sect Members Found, Leader Hospitalized
Six-year-old lived in cult
Breakaway 'Catholic' sect faces lawsuit from donor
Religious sect wants to set up Isle of Man base
A park grows in Ballard where a religious sect once flourished
Unusual lead story
House of David film to premiere
The Cult of HIV Denialism
DA: Paper terrorists stealing homes
Over 310,000 People Gather for Religious Festival in Mexico
LeBron James Meets With Controversial Kabbalah Rabbi
Of ire and brimstone
Mother fears teenage son is in 'cult' home in Gardendale
Umm Ali talks about her son's experience when he almost became a cult follower without knowing himself
'Shootout in Miracle Valley II' book signing held
Deadly Arkansas Shooting By 'Sovereigns' Jerry and Joe Kane Who Shun U.S. Law
Loveland man who created 'cult-like' family sentenced to 60 years for sexual abuse
Inside the most powerful church in south Africa
The Haunted: The debate about whether ghosts exist will never be settled, but for paranormal investigator John Warfield, it's all about the search for proof
Church staff probed
Schatz couple in court today
Lawyer hits back at allegations against Korean pastor
Judge enters plea for Park County man
Former Erin cult leader sentenced to three years
Cult leader's polygamy club
Former Erin cult leader headed back to prison again
Former sex cult leader jailed over death threat
'Teacher suspected of starving her son member in cult'
'House of David' head could face trial in harassment case
'Home adoptions' in Lolo, Polson: Sovereign squatters a national movement
Alleged Lolo 'house theft' may have been inspired by extremist websites
Fellowship Church leased jet travels to exotic destinations
Indian guru arrested over sex scandal: police
Man faces sexual assault charges in wake of 'cleansing ritual'
Church members face trial for hiding girl from family
Cult leader dupes Perth families
Homer Simpson isn't the only would-be 'Messiah' in Jerusalem
Two women charged in sex assaults
Sect head arrested in Rome for sexual abuse and extortion
'Jihad Jane' Had Troubled Past
'Jihad Jane's' Arrest Raises Fears About Homegrown Terrorists
Joel Osteen: the new face of Christianity
A self-styled guru from Chirtakoot in Uttar Pradesh has taken the debate over sex and spiritualism to a new plane
Don't sweat it. Steam baths and saunas have little medical benefit, experts say
French sect victims 'ate dog food, drank toilet water'
In Internet Era, an Unwilling Lord for New Age Followers
Faith healings, dead raising teams part of Bethel experience
New York School of Practical Philosophy
French spiritual leader arrested in Malta
Survey: Louisiana is the 4th most religious state
Police Return to New Covenant Church Pastor's Home
'We're no cult'
Cops bust rightwing group
Nearly seven years prison for child abuser guru Oliver Shanti
Good, bad and ugly self-help: How can you tell?
Predators on campus: An inside look at cults in New Jersey
The power of negative thinking
No early release for 'cult leader'
The guru with a gift for brainwashing
Ex-church members say pastor abused his power
'Guru' accused of cruel con
Cult expert speaks at Roberson murder trial
Christian cult stole our kids, say parents
Boronia man reflects on ministry of lies
How Britain became a nation of ghost hunters
Local man indicted on federal cyber attack charges
FBI: Former H. Rap Brown leads violent sect from prison
A rare insight into life inside a religious cult
Is there recourse if your healer doesn't balance your chakras?
Self-Help Doesn't Help-And Often Hurts
Doctor says near-death experiences are in the mind
Beyond belief
Damanhur leader uses this machine for naked time travel!
Asaram's son performed black magic at ashram
Judge Gives Probation to Parents in Prayer-death Case
Religious sect members jailed after attack on former members
Marek Edelman, Last Leader of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Has Died
One Thousand Yoga Fans Flock To Peace Island
Malaysian cult keeps leader's decomposed body for 13 months
Group protests sex offender's ordination in Ky.
Religion battles medicine in Kenya
No drugs found in voodoo-ritual death
Judge says Hindu temple must allow creditors onto property
Christian money guru gets rich mixing faith, funds
Nation of Islam sect allowed in prison
Registered sex offender to become ordained minister
Sect leader Oliver Shanti in court in disease glass cage
Wikipedia Will Screen Changes on Articles About Living People - NY Times
Spanish cops smash 'voodoo' gang
Obituary of Paul R. Martin, Ph.D.
Ahmadiyah followers seek exit from shelter
Wisconsin jury: Father guilty in prayer death case
Up With People disputes film calling group a cult
Mayan Calendar Spurs End-Of-The-World Debate
Do Shamans Have More Sex?
Boyfriend of internet death 'cult' host died after epileptic seizure
Pope defrocks priest over 'visions' of the Virgin Mary
Arkansas woman's death was 'God's choice,' New Jersey Voodoo priest says
Court case causes 13 years of 'living hell'
Drug Dealing for Jesus: Mexico's Evangelical Narcos
Cult boss on 14 sex charges
Death in voodoo cleansing ritual prompts call for more regulation
Rampaging cows were set on cult members, court hears
Voodoo became a fatal obsession
Are religious rituals linked to recent grisly findings?
7 killed in cult war in Negros Oriental
Sects Warning As New Religious Groups Burgeon
Positive thinking can make things worse, study finds
Police proceed with 'defiant' sect dossiers despite protest
Feds arrest man allegedly behind DDoS attacks against Rolling Stone
Pennsylvania computer programmer accused of attempting to bring down websites that ridiculed him
Courts face new challenges in faith healing cases
Rulo murderer gets parole
Sky Saxon
Haverkamp granted parole after 24 years
Minister's home buys draw inquiry
Spiritual healer acquitted in death of Dutch actress
12 self-immolate in bizarre ritual in Peru
Nemenhah leader defends group
New fears for safety of missing cult family
Spain holds 'voodoo' traffickers
Wisconsin mother guilty in 'prayer death' of daughter
Brazil Supreme Court: Extradite head of child abusing sect
Police Say Suspects in N.Y. Bomb Plot Acted Alone
Report says religious sects have tripled in 15 years
Minnesota: Evaluation Ordered for a 13-Year-Old With Cancer
Potential jurors quizzed in faith-healing trial of Leilani Neumann
Spiritual healer goes on trial
Voodoo Histories
2012: A Y2K for the New Age
Victim of escaped cult leader, paedophile petrified
Dancing for Mao
Shops pressured to remove cult book
Alleged Rapist Out On Bond
Former Greytown cult leader to feature in new documentary
Brazilian bishop twists the Shoah
Judge says Ore. church can brew hallucinogenic tea
Therapist denies 'vexatious' allegations
Judge says religious group is cult-like
15 Percent of Americans Have No Religion
Evangelist to sue DR
Schools, churches walk a fine line between witnessing and volunteering
'Cult' orders faith before family
Recruiting God's Army
Church not a 'cult'
Sect silent over teen's death
Young Haitian-Americans turn to voodoo for cultural and spiritual connection
Ties that bind?
Exclusive: Killer of two young girls in the U.S. is deported to Britain
Three sect leaders sentenced for inciting incest
Case dismissed against woman accused in cult crimes
Israeli girls use Web to turn eating disorder into 'cult'
A Refutation of William Marrion Branham
Bizarre secret cult ripping families apart
Teacher discovers dangerous allure fascism can have
Child-abuse victims' lives were 'a horror story'
Anti-cult protest planned for outside Tony Quinn seminar
35-year-old apocalyptic sect faces uncertainties
'Lord of the Universe' disciple exits Wikipedia
Christmas Essay Was Not His, Author Admits
Court Restores Murder Conviction Of Man In Marin Pendragon Cult
Faith healers licensed to practice in Moscow
New Novel Explores Powerful Lure of Cults
A Sect of Celibates
In Utah, the Parowan Prophet predicts disaster will prevent Obama from taking office
'Psychic' gets 2 months in bilking of $108,000
Darlington's "sex master" jailed for abuse
The 'untold' story
In Virginia, a Powerful and Polarizing Pastor
Kingdom of Yahweh sect members won't register cars or get drivers' licences
Mel's Passion Play
Arianna's Mandatory Cult Meetings
Moscow court slashes 'healer' Grabovoi's sentence by 3 years
Catholic Church orders woman to stop spreading messages she says come from the Virgin Mary
'Total biology' blamed for European deaths is gaining ground in Quebec
The sacrifices of Saturday Christians
A nation of conspiracy theorists can't be wrong
Cult's teachings deemed heretical
On this day in history, Sept. 28, 1988
Sally Morgan: 'I am not mad, I am not unhinged...I talk to dead people'
Looking Out for Bogus Cancer Cures
13 apocalyptic scenarios that never happened
A Conspiracy of Crackpots
Preventing violent extremism
Pot-deifying duo guilty, confident they'll avoid prison
Organisers deny yoga conference linked to 'cult'
The two faces of Bo Lozoff
Ayurvedic medicines often contaminated by toxic metals, study says
Fortuneteller turns out to be a curse to late San Jose woman
Why do people believe weird things?
£140,000 council chief goes on £5,000 course to protect herself against 'abrasions of the world'
Swedish pastor accused of leading violent 'cowboy sect'
Religious cult that inspired tragedy re-emerging in Salt Lake
Hero? Heretic? Parish divided
Harrisburg rapist to be released from prison
A Drink's Purple Reign
ABC to pay defamed climber $500,000
'Homophobic cult'
Revival Evangelist to Fold His Lakeland Tent
Four charged in bizarre plot to halt tax evader's trial
Sex therapy: the return of free love
A Writer in Bridgewater Found Way Out of Cult
Prosecutor links case to Satanism
Third arrest made in alleged cult abuse case
More charges filed in alleged cult abuse case
The belief business
Prosecutor: Couple's crimes related to cult
TV, God and the supernatural
Study finds most in U.S. reshape religion
Prosecutors say SC scammers took $80M
He is one of the four horsemen who will see in the end of the world, or so he says
Napa cult murderer found not guilty by insanity
Preacher for profit: Followers say they were deceived by South Florida pastor's gospel of prosperity
Presbyterian church split over cult's fate
Cynical look at the paranormal
Yoga Studio Closes Amid Cult Allegations
Homicide Charges for Parents Who Prayed as Daughter Died
Is Oprah Starting Her Own Cult?
Tours at Nebraska's governor's mansion led by convicted killer
Missing Nannup author a spiritual conman, cult buster claims
Murder, or a man possessed?
House of God can be house of the con, too
Lives at risk when vulnerable patients taken in by cult-like groups
'Lost' papers of sect leader come to light
Korean church seeks recruits on campus
Woman sued by daughter taken by Davao cult
Charm runs from father to the son
Banned From Church
How ASIO was caught on the hop
Canadians have faith in angels and spirits
U.S. Falters in Terror Case Against 7 in Miami
Chandler man admits his guilt in church-fraud case
The End of the World Cult
The strange story of 'Papa Pilgrim'
Couple sentenced for far-fetched fraud
The tragedy of the 'kidnapped bride'
Robert Hale sentenced to 14 years, denies assaulting kids
When Good Intentions Go Bad
Therapy 'coach' facing charges in Utah County
Cult-like mystery surrounds Napa shooting
Religious sect 'brainwashing' Maties
Alienation of affection suit centers around local prayer group
Ghosts, fears turn up in poll
Skeptics lose ground as we embrace the paranormal
Niuean police defend handling of Maha Devi cult
Members of a cult which ran up substantial debts in Niue have been flown to Sydney, after the government ordered them to leave.
Police cordoned off Bogor villas owned by religious sect leader
Toronto fortune teller arrested in Calgary
Maha Devi cult leaves Niue at last
Searching for spirits
Cult tipped to fly out of Niue on private jet
American cult embarrasses Niue government
Vatican rejects woman's Virgin Mary claim
Mel Gibson builds a $37m church in the Malibu hills
Harsher penalties for pyramid selling
The Other Side of Enlightenment
Author tells of life in unusual sect
Cult leader gets 40 years for kidnapping
Kazakhstan's low-key personality cult
Changing Reality With A Mouse Click
Dirty little secret
Trial scheduled in Lakeside assault case
New age therapies cause 'retreat from reason'
Boy, 12, free as cops nab guru
Cult member held for kidnapping
What's Haunting Home? Ghosts or Armadillos? Peace River Ghost Tracker team
Cult elders back in church fold
Vancouver alternative health practitioner charged with sex assault
The Puzzling, Tragic End of A Golden Couple
Maha Devi squatters have until next Wednesday to leave Niue
Cult members arrested for trying to bomb church
Spiritual leader has plans for healing center in Whitefish
Magician aims to expose frauds
Interview: The couple who claim they can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams
Doctor Evil: A study of caregiver as lifetaker
Cult members arrested for trying to bomb church
Warning signs
NHS gives its blessing to Paganism
Fellowship appeal may divide church
Fears for mum who joined 'angel worship' sect
Girlfriend blames others in Portage horrors, says group is 'cult'
'The Secret' says people can draw negative happenings toward them
"I am both Muslim and Christian"
In God's name
The Price of Redemption
'The Secret' combines spiritual movements, pop psychology
It's In The Bones: Portrait Of A Witchdoctor
Sikh priests reject Indian sect's sorry over guru adverts
Two San Jose brothers accused in faith-healing scam
A Mother's Grief: 'The cult guru who turned my son into a zombie'
A mother's grief: 'The cult guru who turned my son into a zombie'
Inside The Synchronicity Organization
Institute leader acquitted of sex charges
Woman Describes Teen Life As Member Of Midtown AA
Cult leader sparks Sikh riots with guru stunt
Dental healer finds share of faithful believers
Inside Second Life
End of the World Predicted at Meditation Lecture
Former Midtown AA Members Claim Cult-Like Behavior
Psychic fighting YouTube clips sued by SF group
PNG police clash with 'cargo cult'
PNG police in gun battle with human sacrifice cult
Touring the Spirit World
Critics Say Washington AA Chapter Is Cultlike
Commune under scrunity after death
Christian non-profit co-owner indicted
Religious Sect Member Believed Shot After Standoff
New trial ordered for leader of grave-robbing cult
Malaysia asks Interpol for help in tracing sect founders
Cult that claims cancer is a choice brings -miracles- event to Scotland
Asia's richest woman leaves all to feng shui adviser
German sect leader thought to be in Galicia
The dark legacy of Carlos Castaneda
London police raid Rastafarian temple
Murder suspect claimed self-help plan helped her
Secret sect behind Coast yoga centres
'Black Jesus' accused of rape and murder
Ministry Reclaiming Dilapidated Buildings From Old Heritage USA
No taxes on $4M parsonage
Their master's voice
Foundation seeks to wake nation to danger of cults
God Squad Property Split
Parole log: Suspect told cops of sex cult
Guru Or Accused Scam Artist?
For Celibate sect, not much shaking goes on any longer
Spanish diocese prohibits use of Catholic buildings by pseudo-religious sects and movements
Brazilian church leaders plead not guilty to currency smuggling
Church members sue pastor for lost money
Professor's links to 'guru' probed
International sect recruits under a different name
U.S., Iraqi soldiers battle cult in Najaf
God Squad HQ deal reached
Esalen Institute: still mystical after all these years
Sect hit with moratorium
Friend: Religion Led to Woman's Death, Stillbirth
She told them boy was dead
New book lifts lid on sordid Spaxton cult
When faith and medicine collide
Farmer shoots self over cult?
A Three-Day Social Services Ordeal Ends Peacefully
Fear of Yoga
Legendary Highway 17 Holy City put on the market for $11 million
'Paul was little more than a shell. He was like a zombie'
Latrine practices posed health risks to sect
Stringent religious purification proved lethal
Why Short Sellers Want to Crash the Tupperware Party
The Big Question: Do we need a more reliable online encyclopedia than Wikipedia?
Spiritual leaders' split leads to consolidation of groups
Cult-like bonding sparked rumours
Religious school draws scrutiny
Personal Column: The former Islamic militant
Growing up in the 'Holy Family'
Anand margis in the news again
Ex-teacher faces more charges of gross indecency
Male 'sex witch' wants community return
Unusual Behavior at Church Raises Questions
Greek guru Kovas Panagiotis sentenced for fraud and blackmail
St. Paul church-commune considers leaving town
Forum for Cult Land Dispute
The Frisby Legacy
9/11 Conspiracy Theories Persist, Thrive
"Reparative therapy" represses
Terrorism suspect's commitment waned
Man Says Sex With Kids a Sacred Ritual
Pastor who imported slave labour from South Africa is jailed for three months
How a hippie dream fell apart
Two Aloha men arrested on sex-abuse charges
Energy healer arrested in drug sting
India tunes into Ramdev, Sri salvation
Forums promoting anorexia pose health risk, study warns
Suit says pastor stole man's wife, kids
Parents fear link to "cult"
Couple behind 'religious scam' to be extradited to US
Bizarre cult of Sears Tower 'plotter'
Philosopher or faker?
Missionary Style: Five Most Fashionable Hollywood Religions
Indigo kids: Does the science fly?
Int´l Solidarity Movement Continues Anti-Israel Operations
Officers discover sex-slave cult
Reno man sentenced for sex abuse of teen girls
Girls found after chase leads through Carroll Co.
Reversing Jolson's Path, Vegas Jazz Singers Are Trading Sequins for Cantorial Robes
State Powerless In Parents' Heartbreak
Runaway's Parents Find Selves In Legal Nightmare .
Leaving Stony Brook to Follow a Sheik
Woman Reaches Plea Deal in Smuggling Case
Purported cult leader found guilty of sexually abusing Reno children
Abuse at 'cult' schools
Little Boy Blue
Breaking the Fellowship: a bitter-sweet crusade
Churchgoers warned to reject secretive group
Speaker warns students of cults actively recruiting on campuses
Mosques are struggling
Church Digs Mel Gibson's $5 Million
Om sweet Om
Remains of guru's disciple identified
Aliens, psychics and ghosts...Oh my!
Super Catholics?
Cult members jailed for killings
Sex charges cast pall on Bishop Paulk
'Polygamist' used psychological tricks
Breakaway Catholic Sect Opens Mission in Nairobi
School officials put anti-bullying program on hold to check into safety issues
Mel Gibson, dad back church
Legal issues disrupt life for church community
Sweden grants asylum to citizen from EU candidate Romania
Ford's link to Koreshans strengthened
QC cops file assault charges vs 21 cultists
Alleged pope incarnate excommunicated
Police fear for children abused by religious sects
Cops bust SA 'child porn cult'
Charismatic leadership and corporate cultism at Enron
The Morning Read: 'Blue' or brats?
Christchurch group rejects 'cult' claim
Court Finds 'Gripe Site' Is Protected Free Speech, Not Defamation
Vietnam police arrest "billionaire monk" for fraud
Rutherford Comes to Defense of Christian Publishers in Defamation Case
Ephraimites or Ephra I am nots?
Suicide by eating yew tree leaves
Ohio State faculty battle high-pressure cults with new brochure
'Wealth' church leader practised what he preached
Sign of the Cult-Buster
Group's legal issues on display in lawsuit
Life for 'MI5' conman who brainwashed victims
Cult mass murder, death of pro-Japanese poet
Judge dismisses assault case against Rich yogi
A Conversion Therapist's Unusual Odyssey
Brainwashed by a New Age Guru
Cult survivors share their experiences
SEC sues family for defrauding church investors
Families Claim Religious Club's Cult-Like Practices Injured Teens
Family Fighting 'Cult' Church Over a Dead Woman's Estate
Couple charged with libel for branding Quiboloy's sect a 'cult'
Secretive religious sect behind anti-gay ads
Alleged cult leader pleads no contest
The guru, his wife and the followers
Attachment Therapy
Have you been gurued?
Ex head of 'sect' school in tribunal wrangle
Submerged Spirit: Bay Area writer tells tale of life to so-called cult
Parents Say Victory Club Nearly Killed Kids
Galaxy Quest
Accuses sadhus of sodomy, but he doesn't want to leave mutt
Police: Wife, kids feared evangelist
'Internet evangelist' held on child rape charges
Christian cultist suspected of raping over 30 girls
Guru gets lifers for 13 rapes
Spanish 'true Pope' sect leader dies
Top marks for sect schools that shun the modern world
Killings shed light on church
Can Firewalking Really Change Your Life?
Cult member gets jail for hiding man's body
Tragedy puts spotlight on small, obscure church
Klan sect leader sentenced for pipe bomb
Ministering to his flock - or fleecing them?
Running on faith
Flagler woman helps families break cult grip
Of appointed sons and the second coming
Scuffle at church leads to seven assault charges, claim of demonic possession
Cult probed for recruitment of minors
The Joy Bucks Club
Divorce Records: Pastor's Lavish Lifestyle Funded By Church
Sex on CD: Evidence handed over
Doctors & Religion: When Faith and Medicine Clash
Ford Greene: Attorney at odds
Health fears over 'cult-like' hot yoga
A smile can twist out your ailments
Cultist tagged in New Year's Day attack yields
15 years later, cult member reflects on Kirtland murders
Judge reduces Grimes' sentence in Guffey killings
Street protests over Irish child custody ruling
Jury convicts 3 sect members of failing to pay taxes
'Holding' therapist is killed
Anybody can be persuaded to be a torturer, says Abu Ghraib study
Bling bling guru
Team 4: Update On Former Local Scheme Artist
Book exposes damning secrets about cult
Alleged cult leader silent at plea hearing
Sex, scandals and swamijis in Tamil Nadu
Rogue parish not Roman Catholic
Tiny Christian sect seen as the centre of Woerlens' lives
Sweat lodge adherents reject 'cult' label
Abuse alleged at Lucedale boys home
Ryan's appeals may continue
Rabbi combines yoga with Hebrew mantras and teaches that 'God is in each of us'
Expansion approved for yoga retreat
Mission of the Holy Spirit had riveting history in Westport
Cult leader: 'I killed 12'
Edgy online sites feed conspiracy theories to a distrustful public
Alternative Peer Groups May Offer Way to Deter Some Suicide Bombers
Why we want to believe psychics
It's not a cult, it's a rock band
Esalen's Identity Crisis
Massacre or collective suicide? The plot thickens...
That old time religion
The power of cults
Neuropsychologist Works To Find Out Why Some Kids Kill
Former cult member takes leader to court
Beyond Belief
To Catholics, Cultist Was Beyond Belief
Celebrity Sects
Anything to reach Ryan
Grieving women lost 16 years of her life, earnings
Cults control, abuse children
Profile: The Dutroux survivors
The Chapel of Unrest
Polio case a wake-up call
Cult living sucked joy out of life
Watch on 'cult' ordered
Ex-cult leader warns against blind faith
New theory suggests people are attracted to religion for 16 reasons
Fewer Muslim sects here, but they are still a threat
Grave Robber Sentenced In New Jersey
Your life need a tune-up?
Passion, Joy Restored in Controversial Therapy
CBI arrests 'main conspirator' in Purulia arms drop
Three cult members charged with evading taxes
A breach of financial faith
Sect leader jailed for besmirching Christianity
Faith healer's past draws crowds, skeptics in Knoxville
The extreme religious sect which fuelled the passion of Mel Gibson
Native girl in tears at sex assault trial
Clear the mind, treat the body
Some members of Ananda Assisi arrested. Donald Walters fugitive.
Parents want to take jailed, 'brainwashed' son home
Self-proclaimed prophet sentenced to two life terms plus 62 years
Cult Leader Faces W4 Bil. Lawsuit
Beyond the Trappings
Old-time Catholics: Gibson film casts light on traditionalists
Pyramid or no, this one's a moneymaker
Abuse doesn't always have to be physical
News in brief from Northern California
Helping Inmates Find Their Way Home
Cult Leader Given Death Penalty for Killing Believers
How Enlightening
Tennis: Schnyder puts personal trouble behind her to reach Aussie Open semis
Bones of Contention
Facts about cults
Couple guilty of sex abuse
Trouble in the bio bubble
How far can 12 steps go?
Toronto Blessing Goes on 10 Years
New Lease of Life for Former Sect's HQ
Sikh Holy Men excommunicate Canadian leader
Americans spend $48 bn on alternative medicine
Therapy Maze Can Be Depressing
Was Hill influenced to attack Catholic Church?
Clash in Ananda Margi headquarters, many hurt
Jach Pursel has turned 'channeling' for an entity he calls Lazaris into a golden empire
N.Va. Neighbors Up in Arms Over Secretive Enclave
"Seductive" marketing firms entice with big bucks
Wealthy Richmond widow influenced by cult leader
Claire joins in kindness cult
Police foil doomsday cult's final countdown
Cults target school party
An Investigation of Racism within MEChA
Children of Om
Knox Family Fears Son is Part of Cult
Cult taught Cherie's guru to confront demons
Parents Who Treated Infant's Illness With Prayer Get Jail Time
The prophet of profit sows the seeds of wealth
Judge lifts Ryan's stay of execution
The get-rich-quick trick
Mother brought, held family together
Inside the dominion of an insular church
Hotel Bricked Up To Keep Church Out
Campus Cult Violence Claims 115 Lives
They Said I'd Go to Hell if I Left
Pastors, Church Member Charged In Ritualistic Beating
Texas couple held in ritual sex abuse case
Castaneda's lover reflects on shamanism and celebrity
Yoga, religion work hand in hand
Astrology is rubbish, says new research
Desert event fires up creativity
Audit's Lesson Was 'Painful' for Evangelist
Weird cult waits in house of God
More deaths are tied to religious cult
Police uncover remains of slain cult follower
Religious Sect Members Admit Killing 9 Followers
Driver: Husband Ordered Breast-Feeding
Marin lawyers honored at gala
Months Before Debut, Movie on Death of Jesus Causes Stir
Trouble stirring in 'God's House'
Experts slam 'cult' for exploiting kids
Briones trip rekindles criticism
Widow, mom of 12, leads group accused of cult-like practices
Can a guru heal himself?
Reflecting on an era
Controversial international ministry operates from Campbellsville
Claims of 'guru' enrage Sikhs
SWAT Teams, Detectives Raid Local Church
Post-9/11 pied piper
House of David history
Police Close Nabaasa Cult Camp in Ssembabule
Cult leaders arrested
Baby's starvation death under investigation
Four bodies found at South Korean religious sect
Moors Uses Religion To Defend Money Order Forging Scheme
A very thin line between multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes
Religious sect in pay wrangle
The O. fits classic definition of a cult, expert says
Baath Party entrenched in Saddam's cult of personality
Cop crackdown on "godmen'
The Story of O: Life in and out of a political cult
FBI breaks up cult-like San Diego-based investment fraud
Is the Pope Catholic...Enough?
Most Americans believe in ghosts
Working the web: Cults
Child Rape Convictions Upheld
Cult sex offender seeks to be paroled
Religion-based scams take Lord's name in gain
Cult recruiters target students
Church loses bid to dismiss lawsuit
Christian Radio Host Says to Abandon Church
Pyramid schemes are mathematically improbable
Yoga in the Age of Manipulation
Death row inmate loses appeal before magistrate
Caplin 'recruited' for therapy cult investigated by police
Medium offers a minimal message
Old sect tapes to be burnt
Family cult?
When echoes of the past catch up
The three Rs: Reiki, Relaxation and Reflexology
How a Self-Help Guru Is Born
Self-professed cult settles in northeastern New Mexico
Mother's tale highlights hazards of Internet chat rooms
Trouble With Spritual Healer
Sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad's meltdown
Catholic church affirms need to work more closely with Jews
Authorities Say 8 Women Operated $12 Million Pyramid Scheme

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