A smile can twist out your ailments

Express India/January 8, 2005
By Prerna Uppal

Chandigarh -- If you are sick of popping pills for that joint pain or for maintaining the right blood pressure, there is no need to despair. Thanks to a new alternative healing called Twist Therapy and Smile Meditatation, invented by Prof. Park Jae Woo of South Korea, you can now twist and smile your blues away or in this case your ailments, ... literally.

The New-age Guru from South Korea is in Chandigarh for the first time to instruct his followers in Twist Therapy and Smile Meditation, which he claims, can cure chronic ailments like cervical spondolysis, asthma, migraine and heart ailments, among others.

"We have been able to cure people suffering from cervical spondolysis for 25 years," reveals Jugal Chahal, one of the organisers of the camp. A twist therapist himself, Chahal said the Professor's therapy has helped many a slip disc cases, back on their feet.

These claims have brought around 50 enthusiastic women and men to his sessions spanning over five days. After a long session of theory, it was time for a few body contortions. The soft-spoken professor first demonstrated a few easy movements. Unlike the image that the 'Twist' conjures up, it was not about impossible contortions. If you can't twist your body, twisting a finger or toe corresponding to the body part, can solve your problem.

Jae Woo can also teach you how to smile your worries away. No, you are not expected to grin meaninglessly or smile aimlessly. The Guru asks you to think of the diseased organ and meditate. But the aim will be achieved only when you can imagine your organ smile! Once it does that, the maestro claims your ailment will be on the decline.

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