Here you will find a thought provoking mix of articles and commentary, including general information about everything from the power of miracles, mysticism to "God Men" gurus and traveling prophets. This is an intriguing and large archive of material drawn from very diverse sources.

Also, in this section you will find information about individuals some might question as "Cult Apologists?" Just as the cults have their critics, they also have a cadre of defenders. It seems to have become a burgeoning business embraced by assorted academics, authors and "religous scholars." Many are promoted, supported and sometimes funded by the very groups they defend. These groups seem to maintain a constant stable of reliable "experts" who will often apologize for their behavior. "Cult apologists" may use terms such as "new religions" or "new religous movements" to describe destructive cults. They may also call criticism of those groups "persecution" or "bigotry." Here you will find information linking many so-called "apologists" to the groups they often defend.

Abusive Controlling Relationships