Destructive cults, groups, movements and/or leaders "maintain intense allegiance through the arguments of their ideology, and through social and psychological pressures and practices that, intentionally or not, amount to conditioning techniques that constrict attention, limit personal relationships, and devalue reasoning."

-- Margaret Singer, Ph.D.


Here you will find specific information about the process used by destructive totalists to control their followers. Excerpts from books authored by leading experts offer penetrating insights into the world of thought reform, coercive persuasion and brainwashing. You will see the criteria used to determine when a thought reform program of control is in use. Examples range from one-on-one cultic relationships to large groups.

Also covered in this section is the process of breaking free from mind control and moving on to a road of recovery. This journey may begin with an intervention, often called "deprogramming." This process is detailed through a history of cult deprogramming, actual reports about specific cases and the most common issues encountered during the recovery process.


At this page there is helpful information and research about abusive and controlling relationships, which often includes verbal, emotional and at times physical abuse.

Find information about getting help for someone caught within a mind control group or abusive controlling relationship.

There is also a special archive accessible through this page dedicated to the memory of Margaret Singer, Ph.D. Dr. Singer's pioneering work as a researcher, educator and clinical psychologist laid the foundation for specifically understanding cult mind control.


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