Former Midtown AA Members Claim Cult-Like Behavior

Fox 5 News/May 14, 2007

Washington, DC -- Former members of a local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter are out to expose what they call cult-like behavior in the renegade midtown branch of the recovery organization.

They're aggressively targeting sites that host their meetings.

Several churches throughout the city have barred the chapter from meeting because of the accusations.

Former members say leaders of the midtown branch control every aspect of members' lives. One member reportedly ended up in the hospital after going off her medication and cutting off ties with her doctor at the behest of the group. The group also allegedly made her cut ties with her friends and family and even assigned her a boyfriend.

A spokesman for Alcoholics Anonymous's New York headquarters told us they have no comment or jurisdiction as each local branch is entitled to individual autonomy.

No one from the Midtown chapter returned our calls for comment.

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