Inside The Synchronicity Organization

WCAV TV, Virginia/May 24, 2007
By Autria Godfrey

Tucked away in the woods of Nelson County, people hungry for inner-peace and balance retreat.

They break away from society and come to rejuvenate and replenish, mentally and spiritually. But as of last August, they've been getting more than that.

Master Charles Cannon vividly describes to his listeners what he said is the Blessed Mother Apparition.

A devout follower of meditation, Master Charles has been seeing the apparition since the age of three, but only made that public knowledge nine months ago.

"The blessed mother said to me, 'don't talk about this, don't share this a time will come when you will,'" Master Charles said.

That time was his 60th birthday. Today, he claims he is able to bring the apparition to the masses, and each month, delivers a monthly message from her to his followers.

Though she only speaks to him, those there say she is visible to believers.

"I picked up some faint gold around the face of the statue and of course some auras, the white light and auras," Sandy Beebe said.

"It's like a vibrating shadow around the statue, and it's also these tiny, tiny particles I saw. It's like snow crystals," Martin Thambert described.

Master Charles founded Synchronicity back in 1983, and since then, his retreats, CD's and books have reached worldwide notoriety, branding him a spiritual specialist.

"He tends to glow. He tends to glow I think particularly when he's meditating," Beebe continued.

Martin Thambert accidentally stumbled on Synchronicity's teachings while living in Sweden, and now lives on the Nelson County grounds to study daily under Master Charles.

"We meet with him, and he goes over, he gives us special meditative assignments you could say and entrainment that we work on on a daily basis," Thambert said.

And it's meditation they stress, quick to acknowledge that it is not a religion. There are no religious affiliations, and it is not the Virgin Mary apparition, it's the Blessed Mother who they say encompasses all and focuses on one.

"Through it we find our wholeness, we find our connection and then we don't have to live in separation from a god who is masculine and vengeful," Master Charles explained.

A celestial sighting or not, for followers, it's about taking in the experience and letting out strife while being open to witnessing a miracle or two.

"Many who have noted miracles in terms of nature at the moment - unexpected rainbows or gusts of wind on a still day - there's all kinds of miraculous phenomena," Master Charles said.

Master Charles is an ordained monk. He studied in India and was brought up Catholic. However, he says it was the Blessed Mother who told him to leave the confines of religion, which is why he has established the Synchronicity Organization.

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