Alleged Rapist Out On Bond

KSFY ABC News, South Dakota/April 21, 2009

Soloman Stahl Jr. appeared in this courtroom today. He is accused of raping two boys and sexual molesting another but today prosecuting attorneys say there are more victims and this has been going on for twenty years.

Stahl Jr. has been accused of raping two 15 year old boys and having sexual contact with a 13 year old boy.

Stahl Jr. lives at the Deerfield Colony and prosecuting attorneys say they can prove Stahl abused other victims if colony documents are released.

Many people in the community do not want Stahl out on bond. Shirelle Stadel is the Executive Director of Safe Harbor.

"I have definite concern for the victims that are still there being intimidated by him being back there. I think they will feel a re-victimization by him being back there."

Prosecuting attorneys say that Stahl abused more victims and they want colony documents released that outline confessions and punishments.

But those documents are not going to be turned over easily.

Solomon Stahl Sr., the minister for the colony says "It is not neighborly or brotherly love to go out and gossip about what our people confess."

Now, everyone is hoping the truth comes out in court.

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