Toronto fortune teller arrested in Calgary

Psychic fraud, fortune teller, Sophie Evon/October 5, 2007

A senior known to work as a fortune teller was arrested by Calgary police earlier this week.

Sophie Evon, 77, is wanted for allegedly bilking a love-lorn woman from Seattle out of her family's savings of $220,000.

She had been sought by U.S. police since 1999 and was arrested in 2002 while working at a tarot shop in Toronto. But before she was extradited to the U.S., she fled.

She'd also had brushes with police in Vancouver.

Det. Craig Skelton said Evon was found hiding in a closet, covered with blankets.

"I would say she was resigned to the fact her run from the law was over," Skelton said.

"It's obvious she didn't want to go back to the States."

Det. Mike McGivern of the Toronto police fraud squad, who had been trying to find Evon for years, said he hadn't given up but was starting to doubt she would be found.

"There's no doubt it is a little bit annoying when you get someone that old who can slip through," he said. "We're very happy she's arrested."

McGivern said Evon is accused of promising to reunite the Seattle woman with her boyfriend in exchange for money from her parents' bank account in China.

Skelton said police found ads for palm reading, tarot card reading and elimination of demons at the home where Evon was arrested, but there is no indications of her activity in Calgary.

Evon is awaiting extradition to Seattle.

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