Malaysia asks Interpol for help in tracing sect founders

New Straits Times, Singapore/April 22, 2007

Kuala Lumpur -- Police have sought help from Interpol to trace a motivational expert and his wife believed to have fled the country after a deviant sect they founded was exposed.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said police believed the couple fled the country after their deviant teachings, conducted at a meditation centre in Kota Damansara, was exposed by the media.

However, police have yet to find out which country the couple may have fled to.

“The Immigration Department will help us trace their location through travel records at all airports and entry and exit points in the country,” Musa said.

“When we do trace them, we will inform Interpol. They are cooperating with us fully and are ready to take action any time.”

Last week, the motivational expert from Mersing, Johor, in his 40s, was said to have planned to start a new religion, spreading ideas similar to that of sect leader Ayah Pin and claiming Christianity, Hinduism and Islam were flawed.

It is learnt that the man, referred to as “master” by his followers, had questioned a number of religious practices, including circumcision among Muslims, the robes worn by Christian priests and the attire of Hindu priests.

Sect followers are believed to be from various races and religions. Many are professionals.

Musa said tracing the couple would be easy as they had been identified.

Selangor CID chief SAC II Tajuddin Md Isa confirmed that the motivational expert was arrested in February for blackmail and then released on police bail.

“Investigation into that case is still going on,” he said.

Asked if the couple may have fled to Australia, he declined comment.

Tajuddin said police would continue to monitor the activities at the meditation centre in Dataran Sunway, which is owned by the couple.

“We did not close the centre because it conducts meditation activities and that is not a crime.

“Our main concern is that the contents of the lectures delivered there don’t insult other religions or disrupt racial harmony,” he added.

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