On this day in history, Sept. 28, 1988

The Examiner, Washington DC/September 28, 2008

A Canadian cult leader, Roch Theriault, killed one of his followers in a gruesome ritual.

Theriault performed crude intestinal surgery on Solange Boislard in Ontario by slicing open her abdomen and ripping out a piece of intestine with his bare hands.

When she died the next day in agonizing pain, he defiled her body. Before burying the woman, he removed a rib, which he wore around his neck.

Theriault was charged with murder the following year after another cult member, whose arm had been hacked off with a meat cleaver, told authorities what had happened.

At his trial in 1993, more horrific tales came to light. Theriault demanded sex from women followers to increase the number of his flock.

After a new member beat a child, Theriault performed "surgery" on the child. When the child then died, Theriault castrated the man. Theriault was sentenced to life in prison and remains incarcerated.

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