Unusual Behavior at Church Raises Questions

KLAS TV, Las Vegas/September 12, 2006
By Ashanti Blaize

About 30 men, women, and children have isolated themselves in a North Las Vegas church. The group has been there for two weeks now and the big question is why.

The House of Deliverance Church is in a business park near Craig and Simmons and that is where some of the church's members have spent the past two weeks.

With blinds closed and doors locked, they are basically isolated from the rest of the world. Police says they've received complaints from family members of those inside who are concerned about what might be happening in the church. Police are now checking in on the church multiple times a day.

Eyewitness News tried to get in contact with someone from the church but didn't have any luck. However a family member of someone inside was willing to talk. They say no one is being held against the will and that the church just wants to create a religious sanctuary for themselves.

Police have been inside and found there's plenty of food, water, and diapers for the younger children.

Tim Bedwell with North Las Vegas Police says officers will continue to check on the group as long as they're staying in the church.

"Because of the fact that this is a lot of people and we've had a lot of calls, we are coming here a lot. We are making contact daily and we're doing that as a friendly gesture," Bedwell said.

Bedwell says he doesn't anticipate any problems with the group.

While the church may not have any problems with police, they could have some zoning issues because the church is located in a business park that is zoned only for buildings used as businesses, not as residences.

Police say they're unsure when members of the church plan to leave the building.

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