The Freedom Church in Hereford: church or cult?

Hereford Times, UK/March 4th and 10th 2011

A "cult" Hereford church is accused by former members of brainwashing youngsters with its 'aggressive' Christian fundamentalism.

Complaints have been expressed about alleged 'arranged' marriages, fight clubs and mass baptisms at the Freedom Church.

The leader of a church at the centre of 'cult' allegations has been filmed calling on young worshippers to marry fellow members so they can start "storming nations".

Hereford Freedom Church founder and pastor Gary Snowzell is seen addressing a congregation and congratulating two newly-wed teenage churchgoers.

On camera, Mr Snowzell says that it is incredible the way that God has put them together before adding: "If I could multiply this by a dozen then we can start storming nations. We start causing change."

Also on the Freedom Church video entitled Single Minded: A two-part teaching for Singles, Mr Snowzell says youngsters should go to church leaders for relationship advice and not friends and parents who "aren't great examples" and come from "different backgrounds."

In the film Mr Snowzell says even some Christian parents should be ignored as they "encourage you in things you should not be doing" whereas going to church leaders was the difference "between making it and breaking it."

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