War on cults

Fiji Times/March 12, 2011

CULT groups and sects are still alive and active in parts of Ra Province.

And Ra provincial administrator Joji Satakala has confirmed a Government team has been set up specifically to eradicate the groups.

The Government is concerned about the welfare of children in the province because the groups do not allow members' children to attend school.

There is also concern that an accepted practice among these sects is men sleeping with any female member of the group.

Mr Satakala said some of the widely known groups are Remnant in Soa, a Kadrala church group in Naboutolu and the followers of the late Sairusi Nabogibogi at Selemi in Nakorotubu.

"We have received reports on these cult groups and they have been monitored closely," said Mr Satakala.

"Most of these cult groups ban their children from attending school and this is a serious concern that needs to be addressed.

"All these cult groups are driving the future leaders of Ra in the wrong direction and our team will see that these practices are abolished."

Mr Satakala said cults in the province had contributed to the high number of children not in school. He is confident the beliefs and practices can be eradicated.

"If we can break the Kadrala cult practices at Vatukacevaceva, which has been around for more than 40 years, then there will be no problem abolishing other cults in the province. We want all students to attend school because only education can bring about development in Ra."

He said more than 10 students whose parents were members of the Kadrala church attended school for the first time last year.

Mr Satakala said they would work closely with the Ra Provincial Council to tackle the problem.

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