Murder Victim's Family Opposes Release Of Cult Member

CBS 2 News, Chicago/September 6, 2017

She was raped, murdered and mutilated. But the man who pled guilty to killing Lorry Ann Borowski is slated for parole in just weeks.

The family of a Lorraine Borowski murdered in 1982 by members of a satanic sex cult gathered at her gravesite to shed tears and express their concern that one member of the cult could be released from prison Sept. 29.

The Illinois attorney general’s office said it is working with the DuPage County State’s Attorney to see if Thomas Kokoraleis can be committed as a sexually violent person, even though he has served the 35 years required under his 70-year sentence. State law, at the time, allowed inmates to accrue one day of “good time” for every day served, potentially cutting sentences in half.

Family members said no one told them at the time of the day-by-day reduction. Victim Lorry Ann Borowski’s mother, Lorraine Borowski, said she and other family members thought a 70-year sentence meant 70 years served.

Just the thought of his release strikes fear into Lorraine Borowski.

“Please God,” she said, “I do not want anyone else’s daughter to suffer like my daughter did.”

The cult was believed responsible for as many as 18 deaths. In each case, the victims were mutilated and stabbed repeatedly.

A trial-like hearing would be required.

Kokoraelis’ brother Andrew was the last killer to be executed in Illinois, the only death warrant George Ryan could bring himself to sign before emptying Death Row.

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