Cult leader who practised obscure branch of Hinduism and claimed to be 'an incarnation of God' is accused of raping four female devotees

Daily Mail, UK/April 18, 2021

By Bhvishya Patel

A cult leader who practised an obscure branch of Hinduism is alleged to have raped four female devotees, court documents have revealed.

Rajinder Kalia, 65, who allegedly indoctrinated his devotees to believe he was 'an incarnation of God', is accused of using his power and influence to groom worshippers as young as four at the Baba Balak Nath temple in Bell Green, Coventry.

The guru is also accused of instructing his followers to launch an 'onslaught of harassment' against any members of the temple who spoke out against him.

The four women seeking damages from Kalia are no longer members of the Coventry temple.

The allegations surrounding the undetected cult were filed at the High Court last month by consultant solicitor at Peacock Law, Clare Kirby, The Times reports. 

They come after claims of rape were dismissed by the authorities in 2017 following insufficient evidence and Kalia, a former draper and clerk from India, returned to the temple. 

It was upon his return that the cult leader is alleged to have told worshippers to 'harass' those who spoke out against him, with one follower claiming she was threatened with acid attacks.

The tyres of another follower were allegedly slashed after she spoke out against the guru and a man and a woman, who worked as unpaid servants to Kalia, claim they lost £1.1 million to the preacher due to his hold over them.

According to the court claim, Kalia, whose followers travelled from as far as Glasgow to see him, is alleged to have claimed 'to be divine' and is accused of using 'undue influence' over young girls for three decades.

The cult leader would tell his followers, many of whom were vulnerable women, that those in the 'outside world are evil and to be avoided' during his sermons and videos also show followers kissing and touching Kalia's feet as he sat on a 'throne'.  

Worshippers would also pay Kalia, who lived in a gated home with a swimming pool in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Rugy, Warwickshire, around £12,000 each to show their devotion.

Nazir Afzal, a former chief prosecutor, told The Times: 'It's shocking that this is alleged to have happened in plain sight.

'There is undue deference paid towards people who are supposedly the most religious.

'People should not be prevented from speaking up because of the perceived power and control these individuals have.'

Kalia will be defending the High Court claim against him, according to The Times.

The claims from the civil case come after West Midlands Police attempted to charge Kalia with criminal offences relating to the allegations of sexual abuse.

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