A young woman went on a date on Tinder and fell into a sex cult: she was murdered and dismembered into 14 pieces

Market Research Telecast /December 16, 2021

A 24-year-old American girl was killed after going on a Tinder date. The victim, Sydney Loofe, was suffocated to death and dismembered into 14 pieces by a sexual sect run by a man who claimed to be a vampire and a woman who called herself “The Witch Queen.”

The crime shocked the city of Lincoln, capital of the US state of Nebraska.

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The cult leader, Aubrey Trail, 51 years old and whom his followers were supposed to call “papa”, was sentenced to death for the murder. His girlfriend, Bailey Boswell, 23, he received a life sentence.

How was the crime of Sydney Loofe, the young American murdered by a sexual sect after attending a date on Tinder
Sidney Loofe he worked in a hardware store in the city of Lincoln. Her parents, George and Susie, lived in a town three hours away by car. However, they maintained daily communication.

On November 15, 2017, the young woman was very enthusiastic on her social networks. He had been through a period of depression and uploaded a selfie on Snapchat with the phrase “Ready for my appointment”. He had to meet a certain Audrey, with whom he had arranged a meeting on Tinder.

It was the last time her family and friends heard from her.

The first to worry about Sydney were her colleagues at the hardware store where she worked. Parents texted him throughout the day, but received no response.

The next morning they went to his apartment and there they found his cell phone turned off and his cat Mimzy without food. His car was parked at the door of the house. They immediately made the complaint to the police.

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How was the police investigation into the crime of Sydney Loofe, the young woman killed by a sex cult in the United States
Investigators determined that Sydney’s phone was last on in the town of Wilber, 35 miles from her home.

The Tinder date was the pivotal clue in the case. And immediately they came to Audrey, the young woman he was supposed to meet tonight. When questioned, the woman confirmed that they had seen each other and said that he had left her at a friend’s house in a place she did not remember.

But the girl’s evasiveness made her the prime suspect in Sydney’s disappearance. Eventually the police discovered that it was actually called Bailey Boswell and she lived with her boyfriend Aubrey Trail, in Wilber.

How was the discovery of the body of Sydney Loofe, the young woman murdered and dismembered into 14 pieces by a sexual sect
The police investigated the phones of both and the triangulation of the calls led them to an area 100 kilometers from Wilber. There, on December 4, 2017, they found the dismembered body of the young woman. They had cut it into 14 pieces.

The various body parts were placed in garbage bags and dumped in ditches in a field on the outskirts of Omaha, Nebraska.

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But some parts of the body were never found. After the autopsy, the experts determined that cause of death was suffocation. Sydney had a torn earlobe and bruises on her wrists, thighs, and head. Had resisted until the end.

Who were the leaders of the sex cult that murdered and dismembered Sydney Loofe
During the trial Boswell and Trail said that Sydney had agreed to be part of a sexual game that ended badly. They then changed the version and claimed that she had agreed to receive money in exchange for being filmed in sexual scenes that included choking practices. But they finally ended up confessing the crime.

The two had met through a massage ad. She had a young daughter whose custody she had lost. Together they moved into Wilber and began running scams in the area.

So they created a kind of “worship”To enjoy group sex sessions with other women who were attracted through the dating app Tinder.

Trail told his victims that it was a vampire capable of flying and reading minds. He also told them that everyone could get more “powers” if they tortured and then killed people. It even offered them a monthly fee in exchange for their participation in the scams.

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He called himself “father” and her “The witch queen “. The faithful had to respect certain rules. If they violated these precepts they were slapped or hanged with a belt. When a young woman announced that she was leaving the Trail group threatened to kill her entire family if he told something about what he had experienced in the “cult”.

What was the sentence received by the leaders of the sex cult that killed and dismembered Sydney Loofe
Justice proved that the couple had planned the crime in advance. Images from security cameras showed the moment when “father” Y “The witch queenThey were buying a saw and bleach before the Sydney date. They had chosen her as a victim because they thought that by living far from her family, no one would notice her absence.

Trail confessed that Sydney freaked out when she was offered to join the group and resisted participating in a sex game. They then killed her and dismembered her body to “protect” her lifestyle.

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The couple was found guilty of murder in the first degree, criminal conspiracy to commit murder, and improper disposal of human remains.

“I will not ask for forgiveness because I don’t think there is such a thing. I have done terrible things in my life, but this is the only thing I did that I really regret, “Trail said at the trial, cited by the Daily Mirror.

Trail was sentenced to the death penalty, although a date for the execution has not yet been set. Meanwhile, Boswell was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The young woman thus avoided becoming the first woman in Nebraska history to face capital punishment. Now defense attorneys have announced that they will appeal the ruling.

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