Spiritual leader detained after police raid his home

The Star, Malaysia/January 9, 2013

Malacca: Its members claim to be "warriors of righteousness and crusaders of truth" to uplift moral values among mankind.

However, a police raid after weeks of monitoring the suspected deviant sect and surveillance of its spiritual leader's house in Kampung Chabau, Simpang Bekoh in Jasin, uncovered more sinister stuff.

A store at the back of the bungalow held a cache of weapons, including dozens of swords, Malay daggers (keris), axes, machetes, 308 types of bows and arrows, spears, 23 canisters of gunpowder and several fake guns.

Police, led by Malacca deputy CID chief Supt P.R. Gunarajan and 16 senior officers also seized a laptop, medicine and antiseptic lotion used to treat injuries, gas masks, camping equipment used by soldiers during operations, vests, gloves, ropes and military hats during the raid on Saturday.

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