Sex on CD: Evidence handed over

Express News Service/January 11, 2005

Vadodara -- While deposed Acharya Ajendraprasad said he would face whatever action the police took, chairman of Vadtal Temple Trust Nautam Swami submitted documentary evidence to the Nadiad police, allegedly, showing Ajendraprasad's involvement in the 'sex-on-tape' scandal.

"I have handed over the evidence, including some letters, to the police. Let them investigate this," said Nautamswami, adding, "After it's proved, no one will trust the deposed acharya. How can he claim to be the guru of sadhus when he is trying to ruin their image."

Asked why it took more than two months to lodge a complaint, he said, "We had to complete several formalities before lodging the FIR. We also had to obtain permission from the temple trust board. This took some time."

When contacted, Ajendraprasad said, "If I have been named in the FIR, let the police investigate and take action. I am not going anywhere."

Sources close to Ajendraprasad said he had spent the entire day with his followers at his Vadtal residence, mulling over future course of action.

A complaint of criminal conspiracy naming Ajendraprasad was lodged by the administrator (kothari) of Vadtal temple, Swami Dharmapriyadas, at Chaklasi police station in Kheda district on Saturday. According to the complaint, it was Ajendraprasad, who instigated haribhaktas (followers) to arrange for a call girl and trap the sadhus on tape, thereby causing harm to reputation of the sect. The FIR also named five supporters of Ajendraprasad.

Investigating officer K S Sawani said he has received some documents from the complainant and also from the accused Haribhakts. "We will conduct a thorough investigation. It will be a while before some arrests are made," he said.

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