'Cult' children disown parents

The Star, Malaysia/March 23, 2012

Nibong Tebal -- medium said to be leading a cult that frowns on idols and ancestor worship has allegedly turned children against their parents.

Seventy-year-old Ang Poh Hock said his son went to Sarawak where he met the woman, known as Bee Lian, two years ago.

"After he came back, he threw away the idols in our home and has not worshipped our ancestors since.

"He has also refused to attend funerals and told us he already repaid our kindness for bringing him up," said Ang when met in Sungai Bakap near here yesterday.

The father of 10 claimed that his rebel son also influenced his youngest daughter to be part of the cult and the girl had also severed ties with the family.

Widow Tan Kim Hiok, whose daughter is married to Ang's son, said to please her daughter, she (Tan) threw away all the idols in her home.

"But my daughter still refuses to visit me, claiming that places with idols make her want to vomit.

"They (daughter and son-in-law) went to my husband's grave and removed their names from his tombstone," she sobbed, claiming another daughter had also joined the cult.

Ang said their children now call him Uncle Hock and his wife Aunt Kim.

They now call Tan, Aunt Hiok.

"Bee Lian told them they cannot call us father' or mother' or they would die.

"This is not a proper religion," added Ang.

Ang's son, meanwhile, said it was a matter between him and his family.

He claimed that Bee Lian is "just a friend".

"The idols in my home were not suitable.

"So, I removed them but in a respectful manner.

"I did not throw them out," he said.

He alleged that he severed ties with his father not because of a family dispute but because "my father dislikes me".

Meanwhile, a man who claimed to be Bee Lian's husband, said it was a family dispute for which others should not to be blamed.

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