Police search for man handing out fliers at university, seeking to recruit 13 spiritually alive white women for his Fourth Reich 'Nymph Squad'

Daily Mail, UK/October 10, 2013

By Lizzie Parry

A Hitler-loving sex cult leader spotted handing out fliers to recruit white females to join his ‘Nymph Squad Commune’, is today wanted by Ithaca police chiefs.

The man approached women at Cornell University Campus in New field, New York, handing out fliers in his bid to find 13 ‘spiritually alive, white, European, Caucasian’ partners to join his private cult.

Describing himself as ‘Hitler Hayes’, a ‘full blown dictator’ and ‘sharp end cult leader’, Stevie Rays details a list of the vital statistics he is seeking in his fellow cult members.

He says he is looking for ‘blue eyed, green eyed girls to be my life partners and join my private spiritually alive commune’.

‘My girls MUST come to Chicago to meet me in real life, YOUR COMMUNE LEADER to join me and discuss these issues,’ he says.

‘My girls MUST have 20/20 naturally perfect vision, no glasses or contacts, perfect teeth is also preferred. Blonde, red or brown hair is preferred.

‘My girls must want to have many of my children. My bloodlines go back to the year 1760 in America of the German variety and the year 300 of the Bohemian variety.

‘Overall I like Putin and Hitler’s system. I want to move to Russia or Europe in the future 33 years and live off the grid in the backwoods.

‘My girls must enjoy creating outsider music and art, must play instruments, must love cooking, cleaning, hunting, fishing, chores and gardening.

‘They must love spiritually alive white on white sex. Let’s keep it simple.’

But while conforming to Mr Rays’ long list of must-have attributes, he adds any girl wanting to join his Nymph Squad Commune, must share his disdain for all drugs, junkies, smoking, tattoos, piercings and body degradation.

He proclaims his hatred for ‘race-mixing, aka having sex with anyone that is not white, European or caucasian’ as well as domesticated animals, humans or pets, shopping in malls, burning candles, gadgets, most technology and computers and ‘texting like robots because robots text and humans do not’.

Launching a tirade on religion Mr Rays adds: ‘They are sh*t and all control mechanisms to keep people slaves and spiritually dead in this spiritually dead, satanic, trauma based, mind control, death cult that is called the USA.’

Ithaca Police Department and the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department said they have received multiple complaints about the man.

He is described as being around 6ft, white with short, brown hair. He was seen driving a late 90’s vehicle described as being either a green Chevrolet Lumina or a Monte Carlo.

A message on Tompkins County Sheriff Office’s Facebook page states: ‘On September 30, the Sheriff’s Department received a call regarding a suspicious person handing out fliers in Newfield.

'Additionally, the Ithaca Police Department has also received complaints on this individual.’

In a further rant on his website, Mr Rays, goes on to describe his cult as an ‘elitest organisation, but unlike all other elitest organisations on earth we are not soul-less’.

He says: ‘We are different and something new, because ALL the other elitest organisations on earth are elitest just like us, but they are soul-less. We are soul-ful.

‘That’s how NSC differs from every other elitest organisation on earth. If you are hardcore elitest to the bone, but have soul, join us.’

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