Self-proclaimed prophet sentenced to two life terms plus 62 years

San Francisco Chronicle/February 24, 2004

Sacramento -- Self-proclaimed prophet Allen Harrod was sentenced to two life terms in prison plus 62 years for molesting four children -- three of them his own.

Harrod, 56, will be eligible for parole in 92 years. His wife, Irene Hunt, was sentenced to 20 years and eight months in state prison or her role in the molestations.

Harrod addressed the court Monday, warning that those who did not follow him would be subject to his "sword of justice" and damned by the "angels of my wrath." But his sermon appeared to have no effect on Sacramento Superior Court Judge Roland Candee, who sentenced him to the maximum term for his conviction on 32 counts of child molestation.

One of the children testified during the trial that she was required to perform sexual acts for her father at least weekly for years.

The children's stories were corroborated at trial by calendars and journals in which Harrod had the children document their own weekly sexual "offerings" to him.

Harrod's 18-year-old son was the only victim to address him directly.

"I just want to say to my father and my mother that I'm not their slave anymore," he said. "I won't do what they want any more. The bars are between us so you can live your life and I'll live mine. Happily. Well, at least I'll be happy."

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