Cult tipped to fly out of Niue on private jet

Pacific Radio News/October 4, 2007

Auckland 8am: The American group that's spent over a year in Niue has not only paid off their debt but are now said to be waiting for a private jet to fly them out.

The man whose been trying to free the island from the group says they've made progress in what's been a long and taxing process.

Immigration Minister Fisa Pihigia says he's been advised by the chief of police that a private plane will fly the Maha Devi Group out of Niue tomorrow.

Pihigia says he's issued directions, though, that the group settle any new debts associated with the private flight. (listen)

The group, who're understood to be from the cult, Maha Devi, originally owed the islanders more than four hundred thousand dollars.

Today's developments follow an admission by Fisa Pihigia that New Zealand officials have ticked them off for allowing a messy situation to get messier.

Pihigia admitted to Pacific Radio News recently that as Minister of Finance he was embarrassed at being put in a position of asking New Zealand for money for his cash-strapped island, while the cult continued to run up bills.

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