Cult victims go to cops

The Star, Malaysia/March 27, 2012

George Town -- Two men have lodged police reports against a woman medium, claiming that she made their family members join a cult and "disown" them.

Ang Poh Hock, 70, said he was disheartened that his third son Keng Hooi, 49, and youngest daughter May Li, 38, had severed ties with their parents and eight siblings over the last two years.

"We used to be a very happy family until they refused to come back home for any celebration and reunion," said the father of 10.

"I have no clue as to how to get them back but to lodge a police report against the woman who influenced my children," he said yesterday.

Ang added that both his children had not been joining the family to pay respects to their ancestors during Qing Ming.

He lodged the report against the woman at the South Seberang Prai district police headquarters in Sungai Jawi at about 8pm on Sunday.

It was reported on Friday that Keng Hooi threw away idols in Ang's home and had not worshipped the ancestors after joining the cult two years ago.

Keng Hooi, who also refused to attend funerals, alleged that he severed ties with the family because his father disliked him.

Another victim, Khor Yek Seng, 37, who lodged a similar report together with Ang, said his 41-year-old sister disowned their mother after joining the cult nine months ago.

"She calls my mother aunty' now and claims our parents have made many unforgivable mistakes and that she will stay away from them," said Khor.

He added that he decided to make the police report as he was worried that his sister's 10-year-old son would be influenced by her.

He said their 72-year-old mother felt sad over "losing" her grandson.

South Seberang Prai OCPD Supt Shafien Mamat said initial investigations showed that there was a misunderstanding between the families and the woman medium.

"We will call the woman to record a statement," he said.

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