Conspiracy theorist David Icke says 'childish' Today show hosts 'abused him off air' before their heated exchange about his claim that 'the world is run by shape-shifting reptiles'

Daily Mail, Australia/July 14, 2016

By Freya Noble

Conspiracy theorist David Icke has slammed Today show hosts Karl Stefanovic after the co-hosts berated him during a live TV interview on Thursday morning.

Karl and co-host Lisa Wilkinson got in a heated exchange with Icke, a former BBC journalist, over his claims that the world is run by 'shape-shifting reptiles' and the moon is a hollow space station.

After the interview Icke, who is currently touring Australia presenting 12-hour seminars, accused the TV presenters of being 'childish and superficial' and claims he was 'abused' off air by another team member.

Describing the interview as 'a joke', the conspiracy theorist said although he 'knew' what he was getting in to, he felt as though he wasn't taken seriously.

Footage from the Today show interview shows a clearly frustrated Icke trying to explain to Karl and Lisa some of his more controversial theories.

'First of all this was the strange thing, in my perspective the 'buffoon sports presenter, some big bloke, was shouting abuse at me across the studio.

It was just ridiculous,' Icke told Daily Mail Australia.

'And then I said to the gentleman, the man presenter (Karl) when I went over: "Is this going to be serious or taking the piss"? He said :"bit of both, well, taking the piss - we'll be taking the piss a bit".

'So I sort of knew what I was coming in to,' Icke added.

He also described the footage played as part of the introduction to the interview as  'ludicrous childish alien video nonsense'.

Icke is currently travelling to capital cities in Australia as part of his World Wide Wake Up Tour, selling tickets for up to $140 for the 12-hour seminar.

'Let's drill down into some of your beliefs. You think our moon is a hollowed out space station. That's a hard one to buy, that one,' Lisa said during Thursday's interview.

Icke claimed mainstream science couldn't explain why the moon could orbit earth and spoke about ancient tribes who believe the moon was 'brought here'.

'Shipped in my trucks or something?' Wilkinson asked.

A deadpan Mr Icke hit back saying: 'That's a good one. Nice one.'

The interview became increasingly more tense as Lisa and Karl repeatedly asked Icke to back up his theory that the moon had been moved here.

'You don't know what my theories are. You have been briefed this morning by a researcher. You don't know what my theories are,' he told Lisa.

Karl interrupted to say: 'Look, I love these theories but I'm not slugging people $100 to listen to my rubbish, do you know what I mean?'

Icke said: 'Yeah. That was brilliant mate, well done.'

The conspiracy theorist eventually snapped and labelled the interview a 'joke' after Lisa touched on his belief that world leaders are actually alien reptiles.

'OK, can you tell us who are the aliens? Is Vladimir Putin an alien?' she said.

'This is a joke. It's an absolute joke. You have never read a book, you won't come and see the talk,' Icke replied.

When asked why he was getting angry, Mr Icke said: 'I'll tell you why: because it is so serious.'

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Today show for comment. 

While Icke is in the country he will be delivering seminars in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and has already done a show in Perth.

His most bizarre theories include claims that the September 11 attacks were faked and that world leaders are actually reptiles and part of a group called the Babylonian Brotherhood.

The 64-year-old claims that the 9/11 attack was used to justify the war on terror, and takes issue with the timing pointing to the fact that there were military exercises going on when the planes hit the World Trade Centre. 

Icke has also been vocal in his beliefs that there is a Babylonian Brotherhood - who are shape-shifting reptilian humanoids - controlling the world order.

The former journalist has previously claimed these aliens sacrifice children for their cause.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia on Thursday he reiterated his claims that the British Royal family descends from a long bloodline of reptilian shape-shifters.

'These bloodlines they're into Satanism and child abuse,' he said on Thursday.

'People should ask themselves why the infamous Jimmy Saville, who was an ageing disk jockey of very ill repute, now exposed as a record breaking paedophile who was procuring children for the rich and famous... '(People should ask) why he was a close inner-circle bosom buddy of the royal family which came out.' Icke said.

Icke has described the concept that humans are alone on earth as insane, and that the 'ignorant' people that believe there are no extra-terrestrial species are 'programmed from birth'.

In a 1991 interview on the BBC, Icke claimed that he was the son of God and that the world would end in 1997.

He married his first wife Linda Atherton in 1971 - just four months after they met. They had three children together, a  daughter and two sons. 

Icke and Atherton divorced in 2001, the same year he married his second wife Pamela Leigh Richards. 

David Icke's strangest theories

  • In 1991 during an interview with BBC1 David Ickes declared he was the son of God.
  • In the same interview the former journalist also declared that the world would end in 1997.
  • Ickes believes that 9/11 was an inside job organised by the government to justify the War on Terror.
  • He claims world leaders including the British royal family are 'shape-shifting reptile humanoids'
  • Says the 'alien lizards' want to microchip everyone and run a global fascist government
  • Claims the 'reptiles' also abuse and sacrifice children
  • At one stage he refused to wear anything but the colour turquoise because it 'channeled positive energy' 

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