Scots pastor in US 'cult' church accused of raping girl, 10

Daily Record, UK/March 27, 2012

A Scots pastor of a US religious sect has been charged with raping a 10-year-old girl.

It's claimed Malcolm Fraser, 39, repeatedly attacked the girl while he and his wife were staying with her family.

He was arrested after the alleged victim, who is now 17, made a report to police in Enumclaw, Washington.

Former IT worker Fraser moved to the US 12 years ago and is the assistant pastor of Enumclaw's South Sound Doctrine Church.

The religious sect is considered a cult by many locals.

A book promoted on the church's website titled Eau de Cult – The Fragrance of Love in the First Church includes a foreword by Fraser in which he claims to be an "odourless Christian".

He added: "Since I have been part of the South Sound Doctrine Church I have gone through many hard struggles as the cross has come to bear on my life.

"I have wept and wrestled with God and with my sin as He seeks to crucify my flesh."

According to court papers Fraser is alleged to have had repeated sexual contact with the girl during 2005 and 2006.

She has claimed he visited her room more than 20 times, after midnight, and touched her in an inappropriate manner.

It is claimed he would cover her mouth so she would keep quiet.

The alleged victim said she attempted to fight but Fraser would threaten to hurt her or her mother.

She added that Fraser said she would go to hell if she told anyone what had happened.

While it was noted sexual intercourse did not occur, other sex acts have been alleged in the court papers.

Fraser has been charged with "first-degree rape of a child".

He was arrested last week and will next appear in court on April 5.

Police interviewed the girl after receiving a report from child protection services.

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