Disciplined lives of fellowship children

No frivolous toys here

Chronicle and Echo/September 9, 1984

Frivolous toys or games play no part in the lives of the children of the Jesus Fellowship.

A massive gulf exists between the lives of the community's youngsters and those of most children in the outside world.

The Fellowship believes strongly in corporal punishment, and avoids anything likely to 'enhance selfishness.'

This means that frivolous toys or pastimes are actively discouraged and the emphasis is on the 'educational',

Comprehensive school teacher and elder David Hawker said: 'Education and upbringing we have always recognised as a matter for parents, but we do not condone corporal punishment for very young children.'

'Dads and their families have more time to be together and relationships between parents and children are, generally speaking, deeper and much more meaningful.' he claimed.

Older children are beaten by parents, who are the sole authority on the matter. But Pastor Noel Stanton said the punishment was 'always linked with love.' And he added: 'It is a very positive thing.'

Mr. Hawker said youngsters made their own 'educational' toys and had access to such things as drawing materials and jigsaws.

The children attended local schools, but during the holidays their education continued on a part-time basis, with an emphasis on recreational subjects, like model-making, swimming and walking, he added.

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