Sect robbed me of my childhood

Jesus Army banned kids having toys, games or sweets

Chronicle and Echo/April 22, 1997

A 19 year old girl was born into the Jesus fellowship, the fourth of six children who were to grow up in the sect, "I always questioned what was going on here, even when I was small.", "Children were not allowed to be children and they weren't allowed toys or games, or to watch television. We were denied a childhood.". children were told that Mars Bars were the devils food. "They use the bible to convince people that they are right, and that everyone outside the church is wrong".

On April 4th at Isleworth Crown Court, a jury found a church member guilty of Indecent Assault on the girl, sentencing will follow. The abuse started when she was 13. "I had to hand over my wage packet or giro cheque to the church each week. I wasn't allowed to keep anything personal.", "I started to keep back some of my wages, and opened a secret bank account. When I had enough money I left.", The girl's older brothers and sisters had already left, her decision to speak out was to warn others, not as an act or revenge. "I don't hate the Jesus Army, I pity them." She said. Fellowship spokesman John Cambell responds "her description of life in the church is not one that I recognise. -","- children have always had toys and games- ","- its simply not true that it is hard to leave or we claim those outside are evil." "nothing the fellowship does can be construed as brainwashing."

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