Stroke Hits Madonna's Rabbi Guru

New York Post/October 17, 2004
By Marianne Garvey

Los Angeles -- Madonna's personal kabbalah guru Rabbi Philip Berg has suffered a stroke and is now wheelchair-bound, raising fears the controversial spiritual leader may not have long to live.

Since his stroke a month ago, Berg has remained in a Los Angeles hospital with his health in decline, one of his assistants said.

Most of his devoted followers at the Beverly Hills Kabbalah Center, where celebs such as Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears often visit, are unaware of the guru's serious health woes.

The 76-year-old rabbi was spotted by The Post last week making the trip from his hospital bed at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where he has been treated as an in-patient, to a $2 million Beverly Hills mansion owned by his eldest son, Yehuda Berg.

Yehuda and Berg's other son, Michael, were seen gathering with other friends around the rear of the car in order to help the ailing rabbi out.

Family and friends attached a small ramp from the back of the van to the driveway and the rabbi was wheeled down in a wheelchair, his head slumped over and looking very weak.

One of his assistants said the rabbi was struggling to regain his strength after the stroke.

"He's doing OK right now, but we'll see in time," he said.

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