"Madonna a good Jew"

The Week in Weird

Rolling Stone Magazine/November 12, 2004

In a move that's certain to have a ripple effect across the Borscht Belt -- not to mention the membership of the Jan Murray fan club -- Madonna has been named to the list of Most Powerful Jews in America, issued annually by the Forward newspaper.

The singer, who's spoken, sung -- heck, probably even sky-written -- about her adherence to the mystical Jewish sect of Kabbalah, landed at Number Fifty-one on this year's tally, despite her press flack's insistence that "Madonna is not Jewish."

The paper's editor begged to differ, saying "She's practicing the Kabbalah, so she's practicing Judaism for Christ's sake. Well, not really for Christ's sake, but she is probably the world's best-known practitioner of Judaism right now."

Try telling that to Harvey Fierstein.

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