Kabbalah Center to buy property in Israel

American Kabbalah Center set to buy vacation property in northern Israel in a bid to convert site into 'spiritual' seminar center; Deal valued at USD 5.5 million

YNetNews/October 19, 2005
By Eli Shimoni

The Kabbalah Center, directed by Rabbi Michael Berg, is currently negotiating the purchase of the "Pina Barosh" estate in the northern Israeli town of Rosh Pina, for USD 5.5 million.

The offer to buy the property was made by the Los Angeles branch of the center, and according to estimates the people of the center intend to convert the site into a 'spiritual' seminar center.

Located in a green and peaceful setting, and in close proximity to the Kabbalah town of Safed, where Rabbi Yitzhak Luria (Ha-Ari) lived and worked in the 16th century, the place is considered an attractive spot for Kabbalah devorees.

Attractive location

Pina Barosh is a luxurious retreat in the old Galilee community of Rosh Pina, overlooking Mount Hermon and the Golan heights.

The estate was built in 1878 by the Friedman family, one of Rosh Pina's founders, and it is run to this day by the fifth generation of the same family.

The site, located on an area of about 1 acre, constitutes of a residential unit, a restaurant and a small seven-room motel.

Nili Friedman, who currently runs the place, said in response to the news about the possible purchase: "I created this place 15 years ago, and we are still uncertain about our decision. If we decide to sell the place, we will probably move to Australia and raise cattle."

Fastest-growing spiritual organization

The Kabbalah Center has more than 50 branches worldwide, and is the publisher of books in more than 10 languages, which are sold in millions of copies across the globe.

The Center is the largest organization in the world that is dedicated solely to the teaching of the Kabbalh. Many celebrities can be found among its members, including the famous singer Madonna.

Founded in 1922, the center is headed today by Rabbi Berg and his wife Karen, and is considered to be one of the fastest-growing spiritual organizations in the world.

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