Kabbalah Center Director Out on House Arrest

Arutz Sheva, Israel/October 30, 2005

The Director of the Kabbalah Center in Israel was arrested on Sunday on charges of fraud after the death of a cancer patient he talked into donating thousands of dollars in hopes of a cure. Shaul Youdkevitch, released to house arrest, is a key figure in the Kabbalah Center worldwide. He convinced the woman and her husband to donate more than $60,000 in order to obtain a cure for her terminal condition.

When the money ran out, the Center sold “holy water” at NIS 26 a bottle to the woman and her husband, and recommended the husband leave his job to work at the Center. At that point, the father of two young children called the police and pressed charges after his 50 year old wife died.

Youdkevitch was behind the American singer Madonna’s visit to Israel last year.

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