Madonna's new row over tot

The Sun, UK/December 6, 2006
By Thomas Whitaker

Madonna is embroiled in a new row with the natural father of her adopted African son.

The pop queen aims to have baby David Banda, one, circumcised.

But dad Yohanne Banda, 32, says that this flies in the face of Malawian tradition.

The wrangle arose because Madonna, 48, wants to raise David in her Kabbalah religion — and circumcision marks the formal entry into the Jewish community.

But potato farmer Yohanne said David had been baptised a Christian.

He said last night: “This goes against the Christian religion and is not something we would ever consider in Africa.

“We don’t ever get circumcised here. I would urge her to think again.”

Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie, 38, are locked in a legal battle with human rights groups in Malawi who have won the right to scrutinise the adoption.

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