Madonna at the local corner store?

Pop idol expresses interest in purchasing an apartment in a new development that is being built in north Tel Aviv

Ynet News, Israel/September 23, 2007

It seems that Madonna's latest visit to Israel may not have been only about spiritual enlightenment but also about business. Ynet has learned that the avid Kabbalah follower is interested in purchasing a luxury apartment in Tel Aviv worth over a $1 million.

The search for Madonna's new apartment is being carried out by the Kabbalah Centre, but sources close to Madonna confirm that the apartment is meant for her, in a bid to encourage her to come to Israel more often.

Besides Madonna, other celebrities such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are also considering purchasing apartments in Tel Aviv after having visited.

Following reports of the pop icon's plans, the Kabbalah Centre has been inundated with offers from contractors seeking to make her their newest client.

The particular apartment that has caught Madonna's eye is located in a secluded development complex in northern Tel Aviv that includes 35 luxury units. Amenities include a swimming pool, saunas, Jacuzzis, a gym, a business lounge, intimate entertainment areas, artificial waterfalls, pool tables, and more.

Producer Steven Spielberg has also expressed interest in acquiring one of the luxurious apartments in this complex.

This is not the first time the superstar has expressed interest in acquiring a vacation home in Israel. Two years ago she inquired about purchasing an apartment in Rosh Pina but nothing ever came of it.

Uri Rott, one of the owners of the company that is building the development, stated that his company "will not divulge any information regarding the acquisition or interest in our development without explicit agreement."

The Kabbalah Centre did not respond to inquiries.

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