The new Kabbalah devotee

The Times of India/February 21, 2010

Here's a new devotee of Kabbalah - Charlize Theron. After the 35-year-old Ocar-winning actress split from Irish actor Stuart Townsend, she embraced the faith and has ever since been wearing a thick red bracelet round her wrist which helps ward off evil .

Last month, Charlize got everyone wondering about her change in religion after she was spotted in LA with Quentin Tarantino and was also seen attending Kabbalah classes.

Insiders say the Hancock actress hopes some of Kaballah's famous devotees - who include Madonna and Demi Moore - will help boost her career. Charlize's last film The Road was out in November 2009. As of now, the actress is not in the news for any of her Hollywood projects so she's hoping that her new religion will bring her luck. But that's not the only reason why she's joined the faith. “Kabbalah is not just a religious interest for her, she also views it as a means to a social life and mixing with the Hollywood elite,” said a source to a foreign website.

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