Kabbalah Leader Warns Against "Those Who Have Turned Against Us"

Show Biz 411/April 1, 2011

Karen Berg, leader of the Kabbalah Centre, sent a private note out last night to her followers. That would mean Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Lucy Liu, James van der Beek, and all the celebrities who've been roped into being part of her for profit "religion." Berg–who is being investigated by a grand jury and is in the middle a scandal about her Raising Malawi foundation–signed the email herself. There is no mention of her husband, Philip Berg, with whom she founded the organization. She does make mention of "those who have turned against us." She also warns about "an internet blogger who regularly trafficks in rumors about the entertainment industry..."

I think she means this column. Anyway, it makes it seem like Kabbalah is part of the entertainment industry. I thought it was a religion.

Here's her letter, and it's unlike anything Jews, Christians or Muslims have ever received from their religious groups:

Dear all,

I appreciate the opportunity to give you an update on the recent news and rumors you might have heard recently regarding the Kabbalah Centre. It is especially painful and disappointing that there appears to be a small group of individuals who are trying to discredit The Kabbalah Centre.

We consider all our students to be part of our family-including those who have now turned against us. We have faced many challenges in the past and we will also face this one with dignity.

The Kabbalah Centre, the teachers, the Rav and I know the meaning of challenges. In sharing Kabbalah with the world for the last 40 years, we learned the many ways chaos and darkness can manifest themselves. And although it is very difficult, we understand that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn.

The removal of pain and suffering from the world has always been the Rav's dream. And no matter what we have faced in the past, his unshakable certainty and conviction gave him the power to accomplish what kabbalists have sought to achieve for centuries.

Today, as in all the times before, I receive my strength from the Rav's words and wisdom. Only a few days ago, the Rav said to one of our teachers, "All that we see happening around us is giving us an opportunity to take more responsibility."

As for The Centre, we will keep on pushing to bring more Light from the darkness that exists in this world.

We are working hard these days, maybe more than ever before, to share Kabbalah. We have all been travelling the world over-the teachers, Yehuda, Michael and I-from London to Mexico, from Brazil to Moscow. During our travels, we have been meeting many new students, reaching people in areas where there are no physical Centres. We have been giving out free books and Zohars; giving people access to the wisdom so that they can turn the Light on in their own lives.

We are thankful for this new challenge, because through it we will build our strength and certainty. When the storm passes, we will see the truth.

The Rav and I understand that it is a test for you as well, of your certainty and conviction. We understand how hard it must be for you and we want you to know that we are with you, as I know you are with us. We all face it together, as did the generation of kabbalists before us.

Please remember that in every difficult situation there is potential value-a gift. Believe this and begin looking for it.

With regard to the other issues, we wanted to inform you of the following:

First, a new Board of Directors has been appointed to manage the Raising Malawi International Foundation. Moving forward, this new Board and Raising Malawi's management team-the Global Philanthropy Group-will be managing the activities of the Foundation. The transition of the new board has been a completely cooperative effort. The Kabbalah Centre will maintain a strong relationship with the new Board. Although The Kabbalah Centre's formal role with Raising Malawi has come to a conclusion, we are all very proud of the work that the Foundation has already accomplished. Thousands of children have and will continue to receive daily nutritious meals, access to clean water, secondary school support, and life-saving medical treatment as a result of the work. There is still much more to be done, and Raising Malawi is resolute in its commitment to ending the extreme poverty and hardship endured by Malawi's orphans and vulnerable children.

Second, an internet blogger, who regularly trafficks in rumors about the entertainment industry, has written that there is a federal inquiry underway that involves The Kabbalah Centre. We have received no formal or official notification from the government of any such investigation, but we fully intend to work cooperatively to support an examination of our activities so that we may come through this, even stronger and sounder.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us; your teachers, The Kabbalah Centre staff is here for you always.

Thank you all for your endless support and understanding.

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