Kabbalah Chaos Over Movie

New York Post/August 12, 2003

Is Madonna's hubby, Guy Ritchie, risking his reputation as a filmmaker because of the couple's kooky obsession with kabbalah?

At one point, Sony was interested in producing Ritchie's new project, "Revolver," a crime caper set in Las Vegas, we're told. But when studio execs saw the script, they balked because it was loaded with kabbalah references.

Ritchie and Madonna, along with pals like Demi Moore and Sandra Bernhard, have become increasingly devoted to the bastardized form of Jewish mysticism to the point where Madonna demands "kabbalah water" in all her hotel rooms.

"It made Sony very uncomfortable," one Hollywood suit told PAGE SIX. "Kabbalah is seen as a kind of cult in some circles" - it's been harshly criticized by famed cult investigator Rick Ross - "and no one wanted to be associated with it.

"Guy's agents told him to rewrite 'Revolver' [without the kabbalah plugs] and maybe it would sell. He resisted at first, but when Sony passed and said it would only do the movie with a rewrite he said OK."

Ritchie ended up doing a rewrite to everyone's satisfaction. But only a few days after it was submitted he called his agents at William Morris and fired them. He also let it be known the rewrite would be scrapped.

"Guy apparently felt he had to be true to his kabbalah beliefs and not stick with the rewrite," our spy says. "He was apologetic but felt he had to go to CAA - where Madonna's agent [Bryan Lourd] was and where they would support his kabbalah vision for the movie."

Hollywood insiders blame Madonna for the switch. "She brought Guy into this whole kabbalah thing," sniffs one insider. "She introduced him to the religion and now he's gone into it even further than she has. It's like she created a monster.

"Let's not forget she made him do 'Swept Away,' and made Sean Penn do 'Shanghai Surprise' " - another infamous turkey.

Ritchie's reps did not return calls. Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg, said, "The script was never about kabbalah. Guy switched agencies because it was time for change."

"Revolver" is categorized as "in production" with no studio attached. A Sony rep claimed to know nothing about the project.

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