Madonna Sect OK, Says Guy

The Mirror/June 14, 2004
By Fiona Cummins

Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie admitted yesterday he thought the Kabbalah cult was only after his wife's money.

The film director believed the religious group was targeting Madonna "for the simple reason that she is rich".

But Ritchie, 35, is now a confirmed group member after meeting founder Rabbi Philip Berg.

And he defended the sect of Jewish mysticism.

He said: "Kabbalah is an extension of the way most of us try to live our lives. It's just about being a decent person.

"Put it this way, I've never met a kabbalahist who is a c***."

Ritchie also rejected claims it is a dangerous sect which reels in the rich and famous.

He said Madonna, 45, was not asked to pay for "spiritual enlightenment."

"After six years, she has never received any kind of bill from anyone."

Madonna is rarely seen without the sect's trademark red string bracelet.

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