Kabbalah leads to a spat between Madonna and Guy Ritchie

WebIndia123.com/August 1, 2004

London -- Pop icon Madonna's obsession with Kabblah seems to be getting to her husband, British director Guy Ritchie, who reportedly had a fight with the "Like a Virgin," singer after he threatened a Kabblah priest.

According to The Sun, Ritchie was trying to talk to Madonna while she was rehearsing for the Re-Invention tour, but could not get a word in because the couple were repeatedly interrupted by a rabbi.

An enraged Ritchie is reported to have grabbed the rabbi by his collar and threatened to break his face if he didn't leave him alone with his wife.

"He reared up, the veins were sticking out of his forehead. He grabbed the guy's shirt. He just snarled, 'If you don't back off I'm going to break year face.' It was scary," said an onlooker.

Madonna is said to have jumped to the rabbi's defence and screamed at Ritchie, "Don't ****ing embarrass me," after which they both stormed off in a fury. Madonna failed to show up for rehearsals for the rest of the day.

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