Madonna opens her own school

The Times of India/August 5, 2004

London -- Pop diva Madonna has reportedly spent 21.6 million dollars on funding a New York Kabbalah Grammer school for children also called as the 'K School' in short.

The 'Material Girl' has been a devout follower of the mystical offshoot of Judaism since 1997, when she was pregnant with her first child Lourdes.

According to The Sun , the 'K School' will open in December, and will be situated only a few blocks away from Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie's Manhattan apartment.

The school will teach primary-age pupils the beliefs of the mystical Jewish faith.

"The school has been a dream of Madonna's for some time. Education means a lot to her and she was keen to make the most of her money by leaving a lasting mark as well as helping kids," the report quoted a source as saying.

"She has been really dedicated to putting money away to pay for the building and she's delighted to finally own it. The papers have been signed and the school will be opening its doors to the first class in December," added the source.

According to the report, parents who want their five-year-old kids to join the 'K School' will have to face several hurdles. They must be Kabbalists before they are even sent an application form for the fee-paying academy.

The strict entry policy will also involve an academic test for the child and a probing family interview and the parents will have to pay upwards of 3,600 dollars for a term.

The students of the 'K School' will get normal lessons in reading, writing, art and maths but the 'Music' star has insisted that spirituality will be the core of every lesson.

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