Limmud pulls Kabbalah Centre sessions

The Jewish Chronicle Online, UK/December 12, 2013

By Simon Rocker

Limmud has withdrawn sessions led by the leader of London’s controversial Kabbalah Centre from its programme, after rabbis voiced disquiet over his involvement.

In a statement released on Thursday morning, executive director Shelley Marsh said: “Machloket l’shem shemayim (arguments for the sake of Heaven) is a core Limmud principle.

"As a result of the deep discomfort that Marcus Weston’s sessions have created, Limmud is withdrawing them from the programme.

"Limmud will continue to create a space for debate and promote discussion on issues which are of interest to the international Jewish community.”

Rabbi Barry Marcus, who is a longstanding critic of the Kabbalah Centre, said: "Limmud have done the correct thing and I applaud them for that. They have behaved responsibly in not giving the Kabbalah Centre a platform, otherwise they would have had to consider giving a platform to other cults".

Rabbi Marcus had voiced his concerns about the Kabbalah Centre with Limmud chairman Kevin Sefton yesterday.

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