Madonna Gives Kabbalah Center $1.25Mil, More Entrenched Than Ever in Religious Group

Showbiz 411/March 4, 2015

By Roger Friedman

Madonna’s annual charitable contributions have finally been posted for 2013. Madge is more entrenched than ever with the kooky Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. Despite numerous scandals and complaints, including the mismanagement of Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity, Madonna gave the cult-like religious group $1.25 million in 2013 from her Ray of Light Foundation.

Madonna made so much money in 2013 that she was able to put $6.5 million into her tax free foundation. Total assets are now $13.6 million. A total of $2.25 mil went to charity including the massive donation to Kabbalah. This is important to remember when you’re giving Madonna money for music or concerts. This is what she’s doing with it.

At least from the Ray of Light Foundation, Madonna gave no money to African causes, or to AIDs organizations.

Her second biggest donation was $471.761 to a New York based charity called Women Deliver. BuildOn in Stamford Connecticut received $218,000. They build schools around the world. It’s a better way of dealing with her interests than the run-amok Raising Malawi, a Kabbalah venture. Another $100,00 went to Americans for Peace Now, a group that lobbies for peace in the Mid East.

One really weird irony: Madonna gave $50,000 to a group in Traverse City, Michigan called On the Ground. I thought it might be because it’s her hometown, and her brother roams around there homeless. Turns out the group is just based there. They help with farming in Ethiopia and Palestine.

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