'Writing' the wrongs

Inverell Times, Australia/July 18, 2008

Every now and then, a journalist wanders across a story that he or she must tell, regardless of the risks or irrevocable consequences of doing so.

These are the words of former Inverell school student and journalist, Graeme Webber in describing his decision to expose and understand the inner workings of Australia's infamous cult leader William Kamm.

Known as The Little Pebble, Kamm is believed to have molested 17 or more under-aged girls "while reaping millions of dollars from his followers," according to Webber.

Webber's book, "A Wolf Among the Sheep" describes how this self-proclaimed "God's prophet" became a womanising, millionaire cult leader.

Webber has pulled no punches in his account, endeavouring to "reach beyond mere description to explain the absurd."

"I have been driven by fascination with the psyche of both Kamm and those who hailed him as God's holy seer," Webber told The Inverell Times.

Webber attended Inverell High School in 1992 and took up journalism at The Inverell Times soon after completing his HSC.

Heading to Sydney in 1996 to complete his Business Degree, he also worked for Cumberland Newspapers and for Australian Associated Press.

He covered the preliminary hearing in Kamm's first trial as a freelance journalist.

This sparked his interest and fascination for the case.

"This is when I realised there might be a book in this," he said.

According to Webber, Kamm has fathered more than 20 children and duped dozens of women and girls into sexual relations by convincing them to join his so-called Royal House as "queens and princesses" to "re-populate the Earth after God's judgement day."

"I believe my three years of research has pierced the barrier of silence and secrecy surrounding Kamm's financial dealings, as well as his sexual relations with Royal House members," Webber said.

In July, 2005, Kamm was jailed for five years.

His second trial in May, 2007 saw him convicted again, with a combined sentence for both trials of 10 years jail.

Webber claims William Kamm is "a pariah, not a prophet."

"The personal devastation that he has inflicted over the past decades is almost beyond belief," he said.

"A forbidden destiny fell upon me when I chose to peer behind the enigmatic façade Of William Kamm aka The Little Pebble."

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