Daughter concerned about sex offender cult leader father reoffending

9 News A Current Affair, Australia/August 16, 2016

The daughter of a cult leader convicted of child sex offences believe her father is "a danger to society" and will reoffend if given the chance.

William Kamm, 66, who also goes by the moniker Little Pebble, spent nine years in jail for having sex with two 15-year-old girls.

Sentencing judge, Justice Ian Harrison, expressed concerns that Kamm would rejoin with members of his sect and position himself in a rural area, "away from scrutiny and in a manner that will provide ready access to underage followers."

To prevent such a scenario the judge imposed a supervision order on Kamm that prohibits him from having contact with females under the age of 17.

Kamm must also observe a night time curfew and remain within NSW but away from the town of Nowra.

He has now commenced proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court to have the supervision order lifted when he is released from prison.

Kamm's daughter, Brigidine, believes the supervision order should not be lifted as "he will just start another cult if he is granted this freedom."

"I personally don't think he should have freedom. I think he should be locked up for the rest of his life for what he has done. I don't believe anyone like that can change, he is mentally unwell."

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